Dusty Lesson Binder On The Shelf

There are still schools out there where the entirety of a year’s teaching are sitting in dusty old binders, on dusty old shelves. January? Time for the “To Kill a Mockingbird” unit! February in grade 2? Where’s my heart templates and my acrostic template for L-O-V-E?

If teaching were that easy, I could just open to the 134th worksheet, for the 134th day of school, and not have to think much about what I was doing that day. Day 134 is fraction addition. Here are 12 worked examples, now you try #1–52, odds only.

I am thinking if I don’t have to think much about what I am teaching, then kids probably don’t have to think much about their learning. I remember leaving a bunch of binders behind at my first school That never worked for me anyway. I’d see last year’s unit, and reflect on the flaws in last year’s unit, and make a whole new unit. Teaching is reflective work.

Teach, reflect, change, repeat.