Matthew Oldridge
Sep 15, 2016 · 2 min read

I used to lose a lot of my project ideas, stray thoughts, and places I need to find information. This productivity hack changed things. I always keep my “Plans and Ideas” doc open in a tab in Chrome. It reflects both short and long term goals, for myself as a person and educator.

If I have a new idea, I pop in and write it down. Find a link I need to keep? Drop it in for later.

Over time, category headings developed, which helped to further clarify and organize things I am working on, and future goals, both long and short term.

I am interested in developing some pieces and articles for publication. That’ s a short and long term goal. That information falls under this heading:

There are many other headings. Short term action items go at the top, but this is not a “to do” list. In general, most of the things in the doc are personal goals and plans, although, these days, the personal and the professional are closely connected. The reality is, I may only have an hour in the early morning before work to work on some writing, say, or an hour before I crash after the kids go to bed at night. The doc helps me focus that limited burst of energy in one direction.

Organize your mental life with Google Docs. #productivity #creativity #lifehack

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Writing about creativity, books, productivity, education, particularly mathematics, music, and whatever else “catches my mind”. ~Thinking about things~

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