Make It New- Make Something New-Make Something-Make

I’m with Brian Aspinall. A makerspace isn’t something new. It’s a state of mind.

Adults and children alike should take a maker mindset to life. What can I make today?

Following Ezra Pound’s invocation to “make it new”, what can we refresh, renew, remix, or rejuvenate?

“I had a good day, I made something new.” Make something with words, with Lego, with a pencil and paper, with your grandma’s old knitting needles. Write a new program and throw it out to the world. Tweet that new idea.

Creativity is making something new with the materials we have. Creativity is making, within and without constraints. Set a goal to blog once a week, and surpass it. Give away a lesson on the Internet. Put your first batch of photos on Flickr. Bake some cookies and sell them.

I don’t care what you do. Just make something.

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