mPower by TVO: a rich and interesting math platform for Ontario educators

Good #edtech platforms for math are hard to come by. For the past three years, I have dreaded being asked about apps/platforms/online environments for math.

Yes, there are many. The app side of things is a moving target. You can find apps for anything. If you want to practice subtracting, sure, find an app for that. There are some good an established online platforms, like Dreambox that some school boards use. has good games and apps for practicing skills, and also good thinking tool and screen capture applets.

For pure curriculum correlation (Ontario), I now recommend TVO’s mPower.

I tried it last Fall with my boys (K and grade 1), and was pleased to see that the game play and environment is spot on with the Ontario curriculum.

Here is the Kindergarten neighbourhood:

You can clearly see there are four different places to enter into activities from the overworld.

When my son went in each one, I immediately knew what big idea or curriculum expectation was addressed.

One of my big messages as a mathematics educator is “know thy curriculum”. It’s comforting to know we have a platform that is spot on with the curriculum. The platform has “smart” difficulty paths for kids who are excelling or struggling, as well as assessment tools.

Give it a try this school year. Please contact me or another TVO mPower ambassador if you have any questions.

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