The Power of Twitter For Teachers

Collectively, we are wise.

If I have a question I need answered, if I need help with something I’m working on, I put out a “call to the PLN”. It is always answered. Building a professional learning network is the most powerful thing you can do. Information used to be scarce, hard to get, hidden in libraries, or in the minds of experts. It’s freer now. It’s easier to get.

Even the “traditional” channel of email takes too long. If I want to know about, say, math assessment, and I have built a network with people who know about math assessment in it, it’s a simple as accessing the network. I am guessing somebody has written about the “networked mind”. It’s not just cat memes, and news. It’s far more powerful than that. In a lot of ways, Twitter is my AI-personally curated, much smarter than Siri, and always available.

Collectively, we are wise. I could sit for 3 hours and find and gather the information I need about coding, for example, or I can put the call out and get the answer I need from the experts in my network.

Likewise, with our own ideas- if we broadcast them, they will be enhanced, and amplified through the power of our network. They will be reflected back to us in new ways.

Find interesting people to follow. Be specific about your interest, and curate your network carefully. Follow people who’s content inspires you, helps you, pushes you in your thinking. Think of Twitter for teachers as not just another social platform- think of it as your personal knowledge network.

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