Your Pants Can Be Worn On Your Head

At some point, when we grow up, we forget that pants be worn on our heads, too. This is one of the lessons from childhood I am working on. Even if we wore our pants on our head as a child, we probably don’t remember. Maybe our parents chastised us, and made us take our pants off our head. “Pants on head” could be some elaborate metaphor for the loss of innocence and fun, from childhood to adulthood; perhaps, instead, it’s just something silly to do.

Life is serious, and work is oh so serious, and we must please all the other serious adults around us. There is always one more email to send, and one more project to work on. There is is simply no time for the wearing of pants on our heads.

Perhaps, like me, you long for the days of pants-as-headgear. Fun is the province of children. Adults must be serious, always. If you can’t wear your pants on your head today, what can you do to break up your routine? Can you bring some silly back into your life?

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