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No matter who you are, or where you come from, you are going to experience challenges.

You are going to fall flat on your face in something, and even have moments where you’re not quite sure if you’ll be able to get up or not.

It’s inevitable.

This is the way life is.

Everything seems to be going perfectly and then reality slaps you in the face.

It’s in these moments where you are faced with a simple choice.

To suffer, or not to suffer.

You see, when you are faced with these challenges, you have full control of two things. One, your attitude, or how you CHOOSE to see the situation. …

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(if you’d prefer to listen/watch this blog, check it out on youtube)

The cruel reality is that we do not have a systemic racism problem in America. The issue isn’t racism at all. It’s simply a buzzword being promoted by the mainstream media to drive a wedge between us, and push the agenda of an expanded welfare state, which claims to eliminate poverty, but is actually the biggest culprit in its perpetuation.

But, that’s something I’ll dive into further in a future post.

Back to the topic at hand… Systemic Racism.

I guess if the media promotes something adamantly enough, people will begin to believe it. …

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“Conquest of Poverty” is one of my all-time favorite books, which provides a truly incredible lesson for us all. Especially, in the trying times we are experiencing today.

The author, Helen Wilmans grew up in extreme poverty. Her entire life was dominated by a mindset that trapped her in this perpetual cycle of poverty.

She was full of fear; she was scared to take the necessary risks to improve her situation. As so many people are.

Poverty was all that she knew and it was something so deeply ingrained in her subconscious mind that it consumed her thoughts and manifested in every aspect of her life. …

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It’s a lie.

Nobody believes that the cop isn’t a fu**ing prick.

He is.

Nobody believes that all involved in the George Floyd case shouldn’t be prosecuted as severely as legally possible.

They should.

Yet here we are letting it drive a wedge between us and create a racial divide.

Here we are burning down the businesses of the very people who BELIEVE THE SAME THING YOU DO.

Do you ever think that maybe you’re being lied to?

Just MAYBE, you’re being manipulated in some way?

Open your eyes.

Incidences of hatred among a nation of individuals will always exist on some level. …

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(if you would like the audio version of my blog, here it is)

I’m sure we all wish we had certain characteristics, traits and maybe even circumstances. It’s easy to focus on all of the things you don’t have; it’s even easier to focus on all of the things you are NOT.

Of course I wish I was 6'4" and could dunk like Michael Jordan, but I’m not, and I can’t. And that’s OK.

But, to achieve a level of self-awareness that most people fall short of, you must focus on all of your strengths, not your shortcomings. …

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I’ve always been intrigued by the rebels of the world. Probably, because I am one myself.

I’m a bit of square peg in a world full of round holes…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rebels don’t give a sh** what the world thinks about them. They do what THEY want, WHEN they want. It’s something I strongly admire.

Even when I was a little kid my mom would get upset that I was hanging out with all the “troublemakers” in my class. And don’t think I was a little “goody-two-shoes”, because I wasn’t. …

You spend your whole life learning how to build relationships and connect with other people.

Suddenly, you are expected to give it all up.

Abandon your relationships. Distance yourself from everybody. Isolate yourself from the world.

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I don’t think anybody, including myself, was equipped to deal with the emotions that would soon follow.

We are creatures who crave connections with other people, yet we are being asked to do everything in our power to avoid and distance ourselves from everybody.

It’s such an anti-thesis of our nature.

We are not built for isolation. We are built for community.

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The hardest promises to keep are the ones we make to ourselves.

But, is a promise still a promise?

What is it that makes keeping a promise to ourselves so difficult?

Every January people vow to get healthy, or quit the job that they hate, or spend more time with their kids, or millions of other transformational changes that never end up coming to fruition. Somehow, these goals get lost in the hustle and bustle of another year.

So what is it that makes a promise, a promise?

If we promise our best friend that we will pick them up at the airport. We do it. We will do anything to ensure that our schedule accommodates that promise that we made. Nobody wants to be a bad friend, or to let anybody down. …

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There’s something painful about sitting down to write.

Especially, if it’s been a while.

In fact, I just set my timer for 60 minutes and opened this blank word document and let me tell you, I’d way rather get back to the Barstool Documentary I was watching. That would be much easier than this painful exercise.

The fact is that there’s ALWAYS going to be inertia when you are creating something new. I feel it every single time I start writing something new. I look at that blank page and realize that it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Words don’t write themselves. …

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I used to think being an entrepreneur was cool. I don’t anymore.

Entrepreneurship is always glorified. Everybody thinks it’s about pitching investors on your newest IOS app. They think it’s endless rooftop happy hours. They think it’s about having your own company t-shirt designed and creating an office environment that closely resembles a preschool playroom more so than an actual office.

Entrepreneurs are always glorified as a people who woke up, had a million-dollar idea, met a venture capitalist at happy hour on a rooftop patio and viola, instant fortune, and freedom.

That’s horseshit.

I used to think that being an entrepreneur means waking up whenever you wanted, working from trendy coffee shops, and living the lifestyle of a college kid for the rest of my days. …


Matthew R. Harris

Author of Relentless Forward Momentum | Fitness Fanatic | Washed-up NCAA Athlete⚾️ | Free-market Promoter | in love w/ @katyperry | #RFM

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