Photo & video training worth MORE than a college degree!

So there I was, sitting outside of Java City on a warm sunny day in late spring on the Charleston Southern University campus with very little direction in where my life was headed. I was a sophomore in college and I knew I liked video production but I was in school for graphic design and I enjoyed photography, so what was I going to do when I graduated in 2 SHORT years.

Well that answer would come kind of like a snowflake that lands on top of a mountain and starts to topple down getting bigger with every turn. I saw an ad on Facebook for an online community of videographers who were successful and the two hosts were out to help other video producers make more money. At the time the $197 fee was huge for me even though I had the money. Everything looked so great that I couldn’t turn it down. I joined the community and started listening to all of the webinars that they had recorded and getting involved in the community.

My junior year came and went and I was learning a ton but I was no closer to having any form of a sustaining business. I wanted to do an internship to see if I could learn enough to make it happen. I started looking and after a while I felt like I was interviewing employers instead of employers interviewing me for an internship. I even interviewed one possible employer who said, with a blank stare on his face, “Yea, I started with this job because I messed up my ankle and I figured I could at least stand behind a tripod.” I’m sorry, but I’m not going to intern under you only to end up with the same blank stare on my face.

Then it happened, I announced in the online community that I was looking for an internship. After some great advice on how to find someone I met a guy in the same online group named Brent Thacker who lived near me and was willing to meet with me to talk about a possible internship. I met with Brent at a local Starbucks and we talked and we talked about what he does and I was really happy to see that he actually liked what he did.

In the fall semester of my Senior year I got the opportunity to intern under Brent and Sarah Thacker with their video production business. With that Internship I learned a TON! I learned not only about gear and shooting style but I learned how to conduct myself around clients, and business style. Because of that internship I have created a sustainable business.

I still get to meet with Brent from time-to-time to learn. He always asks the hard questions and gives the tough love that I am afraid to hear and I love it. The training that is worth more than a college degree is assisting those who have created amazing lifestyle business’ and learning from them!

Lee Morris talks about this in Finding Creative Success this week and gives us his thoughts on assisting the successful people. Lee Morris is well traveled, successful photographer and one of the founders of He and Patrick Hall put out one of the web’s top knowledge resources for anything photo and video related so take his advice to heart.

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