A light somewhere far off

Running with Luca through some wild but organized forest

Is it dawn or dusk? I can’t tell from the light. But I’m scared

Thinking it’s dusk and the night is coming, how will I

Protect him from cold, the beasts, crazy hunters of all things

Good? On we put foot in front of foot, and I see he wants

To stop but a light somewhere far off is beckoning me.

I don’t want to scare him, push him beyond, the limit

And have him fall, moving too fast for his just new, too

Big feet. I recognize that clumsy sense of me in the world

In him, in me so many years gone by. I can’t believe

We’re here and this is the challenge, coerce him to go

Further because there is a light somewhere far off.

How do I let go and let him run his race, his pace

When he’s worried about the ground beneath his awkward

Feet? I’ve spent our time trying to cover the sharp edges,

Ugly flotsam of how my life has gone from shiny to dull,

Because my focus was down, the short distance from one

Foot to the next, not on a light somewhere far off.

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