Ark “DOTY” Design Contest — Winner Announced!

Find out which DOTY got down to business and was declared the winner!

Man, oh man, was this a hard one to judge! Our submissions were epic to say the least and it was really hard for me to pick a favorite. Each DOTY had it’s merits and was great for totally different reasons. As a recap, here are the submissions we received. (I am going to give honest feedback on my thoughts and how I decided the winner in the write-ups).

Submission #1 : CryptoMarketNews — “The Pewter Thinker”

This one was our first submission and the only one to use an original image of Mike, rather than the stylized one we had posted. While I love that picture and the stoic face on the silver background, I’m not sure how this one would look in production and the font on the text didn’t quite do it for me.

Submission #2: Yakpimp — “The Backbreaker”

Holy ballsacks Batman! This one was awesome. I never would have considered Doty Bane but it’s completely amazing. I especially like the ARK logo on the nose that looks like it was sprawled in someone’s blood. This one was definitely a top submission! It would have been nice to have maybe ARK logos around the outside border or some better reference to ARK, but it’s epic in it’s own right for what it is, the fiercest DOTY submitted.

Submission #3: Kevin Xie — “Doty Jesus”

As mentioned by the artist on submission, in this one, Mike looks a lot like Jesus or in my opinion, Noah, which is only fitting given that he pilots the ARK. It’s simple but really fits the ARK style and has a reference to which is a big selling point. This one just speaks to me and a lot of our team. My only complaint would be that it’s really grey and that isn’t quite as fun or appealing as a product design to me, but I love this submission.

Submission #4: Leonardo Corso — “The DOTY”

This one really hit a sweet spot for me. It’s bright, vibrant, has great symmetry and placement of the DOTY, includes the interconnected network concept of the SmartBridge, and has the ARK logo prominently displayed on one side. It also looks like it could be a legitimate poker chip used in a Casino and has a style that I think fits ARK perfectly. The only thing that might have made it better was a link to the website, but because these are going to be given out to supporters who are already hard core Arkanites and should be held forever on their person and protected with their life…they probably already know the website.


As if you hadn’t already guess it, the winner is submission #4 — “The DOTY”. The official symbol of the most elite Arkanites on the planet. This token represents everything we stand for and should be cherished by all. No, but seriously, it really does just say ARK to me.

That all being said, you guys were great and I love the submissions we received and that the community stepped up to have some fun with this one. That is why I’ve decided to award 1,000 ARK to ALL PARTICIPANTS in the contest. It was so hard to select a winner and I appreciate all 4 of our artists.

If you are one of the artists who submitted a DOTY, please hit me up on Twitter from the account you originally posted it on and get me your ARK address so I can send you your reward. I will get with Yakpimp this week to nail down the details for production on The DOTY and post an update once we have some news.

Thank you Arkanites!!

Thank you all again for getting in the spirit of ARK and submitting some really great ideas. Stay tuned for more weird contests as I come up with them.