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Matthew Prinn
Sep 5, 2018 · 5 min read
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Matthew Prinn is a proud Boston native with over 20 years of professional business development experience helping companies drive revenue and implement marketing strategies.

Matthew Prinn attended Boston College Carroll School of Management where he completed a BS in Business Administration with a marketing and accounting double major. Matthew Prinn shares his alumni with his older siblings who also attended Boston College.

Matthew Prinn has worked his way up from the bottom, first starting his career in a mailroom. After graduating, Matthew Prinn packed up everything he had and drove across country to Los Angeles, to pursue his dream of a business career in the entertainment industry. While he didn’t have much, his motivation and unstoppable determination granted him access the mailroom of a talent agency in Hollywood.

Matthew Prinn describes his time in the entertainment industry as follows:

“It was a great way to start a career because nothing is handed to you, and everyone is fighting for a few positions so it’s a competitive atmosphere. I started in the mailroom making less than $400 dollars a week while working 12–16 hour days 6–7 days a week. I had colleagues in the mailroom program who had graduated from Harvard, as well as colleagues who didn’t have a college degree. It didn’t matter where you came from, whoever worked the hardest and produced the best results got promoted. You had to outperform your peers to survive and move up in the company. If you didn’t excel, you were gone and gone quickly. The cutthroat environment was a great training ground to build a strong work ethic as a foundation for my business career.”

Matthew Prinn was promoted to the level of Junior Talent Agent before deciding to begin the new challenge of working in the Legal Marketing Industry at Latham & Watkins.

As a marketing coordinator working for Latham & Watkins, one of the world largest and most profitable law firms in the world, Matthew Prinn developed strong skills in project management and branding.

The time soon came for Matthew Prinn to head back to his northeast roots to spend time with his friends and family. Over the next few years, Matthew Prinn worked for several companies developing strong business and marketing strategies in addition to website maintenance, research projects, and advertising campaigns. His hard work and expertise led him to join the business development team at K&L Gates. The company grew tremendously during his tenure. Matthew Prinn ultimately reached the position of Director of Business Development where he was responsible for creating and sustaining long-term relationships, using market research to identify key targets, and redesigning the firms pitching process.

Matthew Prinn also became a master in Request for Proposals (RFPs) during his time as the Director of Business Development.

As the legal market evolved into using preferred panel providers as the favored process of hiring a law firm, Matthew Prinn used his expertise to oversee hundreds of RFPs a year where he worked with senior partners to execute winning responses that generated millions of dollars in income for the firm.

After gaining an immense amount of knowledge about the RFP process, law firm pricing strategies and how to use the RFP process to reduce outside legal counsel spend, Matthew Prinn started his own consulting practice in 2018, RFP Advisory Group.

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When not at work, the Boston native enjoys keeping up with his favorite sports teams, the Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and the Bruins. Matthew Prinn also loves spending time with his Boston Terrier pup, friends, and his family — especially his niece and nephews. Matthew Prinn is also an avid photographer and loves to spend time on the water boating.

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Additional information on Matthew Prinn can be found on the following sites:

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