Aligning career and purpose on #LeapDay

Leap day was an office day. The day that happens only every four years and adds another day, the 29th to the month of February, so that the human calendar stays aligned with that of the universe. But it was not any kind of office day. It was the first day back to work after two incredible weeks of discovery, love, struggle for life, trust, vulnerability and closeness with my new-born daughter and her gorgeous mother.

@RoshPaul inspired me to look at this day in a different fashion. To use the extra 24 hours to look at the connection between who we are and what we do, to align what you actually do and what you want to be doing.

29th of February was a special office day for me. It was the first day for me of trying to align work and career with raising my daughter. And I realised that my daughter helps me to align the connection of who I am and what I do. All I would need to do — I visualised — was to find the way how best to combine my career with raising her, especially in the first very formative years of her life. The best way of doing this I now firmly believe is by building a strong social bond with her. If I can help her develop her way, her personality, LeapDay will always be a happy day for her. She will live a life aligned with her purpose.

Children learn primarily from their relationships. They are much more receptive to the social dimension of learning. A strong social connection should be based on engaging in conversation and making them think out loud. Children are incredibly creative and can help us develop our critical thinking and our capacity to change. In this sense, by developing a strong social bond, I am doing myself a great favour. She will give back in terms of creativity and happiness.

In figuring out how to align my career with raising my child and writing about it, I believe I can also help create a new generation of social change leaders.

I wish to dedicate these reflections to my little daughter Mila Kenza.

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