Being a parent and Being a parent

The last book we read in our Bookclub in Tunis was Angela Duckworth’s “Grit, the power of passion and perserverance”. She writes that her dad told her when she was young, that she is not a genius. She is now a psychology professor and directs the Character Lab. It appears we have an unconscious bias towards talent. We want to belief that there is some magic behind talented people who have what we don’t have. Talent is just an excuse to let us off the hook and relax into status quo, she says. Instead you can change character and change people.

And what is her answer on how to encourage grit in people we care for? She thinks that those who ask this question act and think in parent like way even if they are not parents. Being a parent develops a meaning beyond what we think about parenting. Not only for those with kids. Parenting derives from Latin meaning “to bring forth”. If we care for people we should bring forth interest, practice, purpose, and hope, Duckworth says. And what does she tell parents: Authoritative parenting is wise parenting. “Because parents are accurate judges of psychological needs of their children. Their authority is based on knowledge and wisdom, rather than power.”