I Was a Men’s Rights Activist
As Told to MEL

I, too, followed a path similar to yours to knowing about “men’s rights.” Although I’ve never identified as a MRA — I believe identifying too strongly as anything given actual ‘us-v’s-them’ mentalities, prevents you from learnin anything, that is, if learning anything, reaching equality is truly what you’re after — I espoused a lot of their beliefs. What made me stop lookin for blogs discussing “men’s rights” is the fact that MRA’s and the likes did exactly what they accused feminists of doing to men: they antagonized women as a whole and treated them like this sociopathic mess that needed not be mixed with. That was quite disturbing to read at times, what MRA’s had to say about women. Not only that, but it seemed they were more concerned with complaining — with the implicit belief that it was feminists’ job to a advocate for men. Although such an attitude can be attributed to the pop-misunderstanding of the term “equality” within feminist context, it’s still not reason enough.

I would say I’m a feminist at heart, or rather a firm believer in elevating women’s place in society; I just can’t quite reconcile the fact that I genuinely want women do to better with the fact that more often than not, I find myself “defending” men, because many have made women rights synonymous with male-hatred. The dissonance is disconcerting. Some will tell me, Not all feminists; except that when you’re constantly exposed to antagonistic “feminists” that’s not what it looks like.

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