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I’m a Republican, but I’ll Vote Against Trump to Save our Democracy…

As Long as the Democratic Nominee Runs on a Republican Platform

Mattias Lehman
Jul 22 · 5 min read

My name’s probably Brent, and I’m a lifelong Republican (although really, I like to consider myself more of a centrist, and I really considered voting for Obama in 2008). If you don’t know what a centrist is, it means I’m way more enlightened than most people. Instead of forming opinions of my own, like some extremist ideologue, I like to figure out the exact middle ground between the positions of most of the people I know, and stick my flag right there.

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…Unless that position differs too much from what our current laws are, in which case I’ll probably just go with whatever the status quo is. After all, there must be a good reason society is already like this! You know how the saying goes: “if it isn’t broken for me, fixing it is socialism”.

It’s like the story of the wise king Solomon, from the Bible. Two mothers both claim a baby as theirs, and there’s no way of knowing who is right, so Solomon solves the problem by suggesting that they should just cut the baby in half and each take a half. That way it’s a nice middle ground between what they both want.

Sure, nobody gets the whole baby, but the important thing is that they came to a compromise, rather than only one of them getting what they wanted. That’s how our government should work.

Speaking of separating mothers from their children, let’s consider the border. This children separated from their parents and put in cages thing? It’s just not right. So what if we found a middle ground? The far left is saying we should take those children and their parents out of cages, and reunite them, so what if we do half of that! We could put children in the same cages as their parents. That way, we have an orderly immigration system, but I don’t have to see videos of children crying for their parents.

The far left wants open borders, the far right wants to ban all immigrants. I heard Trump’s comments about sending Ilhan Omar back to where she comes from, and I was just appalled. I mean, I think we should send some immigrants back where they came from, and she is one of them, but I really don’t like the way he said it, you know?

And it works on a whole ton of issues!

Healthcare. Some people say pre-existing conditions shouldn’t disqualify you from being able to purchase healthcare, others say it should disqualify you. What about a nice middle ground, where pre-existing conditions don’t disqualify you, but insurance companies can charge whatever they want. If you can’t afford healthcare, well, that’s just the free market. But it’s nobody’s fault. Sometimes shit just happens.

Don’t mess this up for America

But anyway, I got distracted. The important thing here is that Trump is destroying my party and destroying our democracy, and I think it’s the most important election of my lifetime. It’s absolutely critical that I — and people like me — vote against him. It’s the most important thing. So important that I’m willing to do it as long as the Democratic nominee isn’t going to raise my taxes or do any of that other progressive stuff.

But I can’t really do that unless you adopt my policy positions, of course. So could you do me a solid and just run John Kasich or Mitt Romney as your candidate? I’d definitely vote for them (although I might accuse them of being socialists once or twice, just for old times sake), because that’s how important this election is to me.

Some people say that my opinion is rooted in white privilege, and that I only think this way because the issues of politics aren’t life and death for me, like they might be for the baby in that Solomon story. To that, I say “I don’t know! I’m color blind, so I’m not even sure that I am white. Don’t you think identifying me as white makes you the real racist here? For all we know, maybe one day a king will cut me in half. You really can’t say for sure that won’t happen, just because I’m white.”

Anyway, whatever differences we have aren’t really important. The 2020 election is not a normal election. It’s about defending the future of American democracy by not re-electing Trump. We have a president who makes me embarrassed to be an American, and it’s my #1 priority to vote for somebody else, as long as they are willing to adopt many of my policy positions.

Otherwise I’ll be forced to vote for a wannabe dictator, rather than support higher taxes on my estate to support some far-left cockamamie like “universal healthcare”. Please don’t make me do that, liberals :(

I know some of you want to nominate a more progressive candidate who represents your base, but if you wanted to nominate a candidate that serves your interests, you should have thought of that before we allowed the conservative movement to be captured by a fascist conman!

It’s just the sacrifice you’ll have to make if you don’t want us to live under a president who is — and I don’t use this 4-letter word lightly — RUDE. Really. He is just so uncouth it makes my oatmeal boil. I mean, he’s obviously not as bad as Obama and his fascist healthcare program, but he’s pretty close. So just like we voted for Trump to save our nation from the Obama 2.0 that Clinton was, won’t you nominate a centrist Republican to save our nation from Trump?

It’s really the only way I can see rational centrists like me voting for somebody other than Trump, and like I said, that’s the most important thing in this election.

Mattias Lehman

Written by

Democratic Party Delegate, Black Lives Matter, Proud Social Democrat, Aggressive Progressive —

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