Mainstream Media Are The Best Magicians

Mainstream Media has become a magician by magically removing context from their articles to slander PewDiePie as anti-semetic and for being a Nazi, while ironically committing the same theme of Nazism themselves.

Over the last few weeks there has been several incidents of massive slander attacks on YouTube’s Face of the Platform, Felix Kjellberg because of his considered-to-be-offensive content, showcasing “anti-semetic” jokes and Hitler joking content on his YouTube channel by mainstream media.

Felix Kjellberg, known as PewDiePie on the popular video-uploading and streaming platform YouTube, who has amassed over 50 million subscribers, was showcased by basically every mainstream media platform as being anti-semitic with the most aggressive outlet being the Wall Street Journal. Now, ultimately it is not difficult to look at the situation between the Wall Street Journal and PewDiePie, in fact multiple people on YouTube have created videos as a clapback to how mainstream media has tackled this on a journalistic ethical level, savagely ripping into the agenda upon which the Wall Street Journal has conducted itself. So let’s investigate this closely.

During February, a tirade from the Wall Street Journal commenced a mass mainstream media attack on Felix creating a situation upon which people were either angry or supported Felix. On February 14th, Wall Street Journal had submitted an article titled as such down below, following the fallout from the situation:

“Disney Severs Ties With YouTube Star PewDiePie After Anti-Semitic Posts”

And following this, many other mainstream media outlets jumped onto the band wagon, the Washington Post titling an article like:

“Anti-Semitic jokes cause YouTube, Disney to distance themselves from PewDiePie”

The Independent, a left-wing newspaper in the UK going in a bit harder posting an article titled:

“When did fascism become so cool? PewDiePie’s antics are the thin end of the wedge”

Now, it’s important that as well as acknowledging that, yes, PewDiePie included *anti-semetic* content in his videos as of late, it is equally important to add context, which is apparently extremely absent from any form of the articles which you can check out:

Wall Street Journal; Article:
Washington Post Article:
Independent Article:

Let’s add in their missing context. In one of his videos which was featured in many MMM (Mass Mainstream Media) outlets, one of them featured Hitler. Now, rather than examine the video, the MMM decided: “fuck it let’s just not look at the context”. The context of that video being that he was discussing the YouTube Heroes programme, a programme designed by the platform to enable viewers the ability:

“ to recognise and reward the global community of volunteer contributors. The volunteers help create the best possible YouTube experience for everyone by:
Flagging inappropriate videos.
Adding captions and subtitles to videos.
Sharing their knowledge with other users on the YouTube Help forum, which is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.”

In the video, he draws upon the idea that the programme is similar to that of the Hitler Youth and suggesting that it’s simply just YouTube leaving censorship to a group, heavy in youth rather than those who know how to monitor and properly control what content goes where etc. This was the first piece of context which was missed, or blatantly ignored.

Now, it is important before we continue to point out that I don’t believe all media, or even the outlet are entirely to blame, but some editor approved these articles — someone wrote these and didn’t think or research properly. These are simply just for clicks and to bait their audiences into viewing them, which is a very discriminatory and slanderous way to commit yourself in the journalism/media industry, and is incredibly insulting to their audiences to think they’re stupid enough to not notice this missing context.

Continuing with context; in another video PewDiePie explored and played around with a site called Fiverr, a site where individuals can pay for services and ultimately gain a result from those services. In this instance, PewDiePie put out multiple shout-outs to people to do silly if bizzare things. In the video (which as of this piece, has been removed) two individuals began dancing around, and suddenly hold up a sign saying “Death to All Jews!”. Now, obviously this is extremely offensive. But while it is offensive, what the MMM suddenly did is that they just skipped over the context — They distributed a false narrative without looking into the video, and purposely pinned all the blame for the sign, on Felix. There is a point that I did see from the the media however, that if Felix is the creator why did he show it in the final video and not remove it from editing. Well, maybe that’s because as a creator, he is a comedian, no matter how dark or light the topic is. He makes jokes an practically anything, as he refers to himself as a “amateur comedian” in his response video, which you can view here:

In his response video, he discusses as well the flow of the Fallout, the biggest being Disney’s own talent agency, Maker (Studios) dropping PewDiePie which he addresses and doesn’t blame them for the move. Same as well with the drop of his YouTube Red content being dropped by YouTube for similar reasons, which in the video he pinpoints as:

“They were pushed into a corner”

He is right, they were pushed into a corner. The MMM essentially held a metaphorical gun in the way of their voice, their influence and as companies they couldn’t support their creator, and so had to remove him from their influence, something heavily vindictive for any journalist to do under these circumstances where the context is lacking or not even present in their perspectives. He continues in his response to apologise if he did offend anyone, and discussed further the elements that MMM “don’t like internet personalities that much” and calls out the hypocrisy of MMM, calling out Wall Street Journal out especially in a little comment stating:

“Nice try Wall Street Journal… Try again motherfuckers”

Whether you support PewDiePie or not, it is incredibely easy to choose a side in this fight, in this aggression. There was no credibility in these arguments they pursued, in their attacks on Felix, is something I believe as a young journalist extremely. Ethics were just removed in this situation, and the narrative was made in a form of personal attack, not distribution of fair and equal news. There was no context, none of Felix’ perspective what so ever, and should be used as an example of journalism done wrong.