YouTuber’s Have More Drama Than Downton Abbey

Why YouTubers are Over-Paid children.

YouTube has become a some-what successful platform for the growth of people, referring to themselves as ‘YouTubers’. While many could be considered credible, given that many actually work towards what some would see as proper content, the rampant rise in ‘news’ and ‘drama’ channels has gone up, bringing YouTube into the news of online drama, and not the Downton Abbey kind.

Most popular of the ‘drama news’ channels is Drama Alert, ran as a channel for Daniel Keem, or ‘KEEMSTAR’ as he’s popularly known on Twitter and YouTube, is the very definition of dramatic. Here we have several examples of him instigating news for his own amusement as well pretty much offending anyone he can for attention and ‘clickbaiting’ — A popular term on the internet for using false images or titles that have nothing to do with the content to actually seem like they know what they’re talking about.

Above: Keemstar insulting a hate commentor.
Above: Keemstar proving why he’s popular while being ‘irrelevant’

Keemstar pretty much proves that there is no real reason for his popularity in the slightest, as a quick look at his channel looks like he simply just buys into toxicity and running his so called ‘news’ channel of simple drama and arguments that have really no space on the internet, or in any news programme. In fact, Keemstar is so hated that he has become a meme.

While as toxic and pointless Keemstar’s channel on YouTube is, it’s not as bad as Story Time channels. One that has been recently surfaced in the news is the the Tana Mongeau vs. iDubbzTv. Tana Mongeau is a so-called “story time YouTuber”, which basically tranlates that she shows her tits and complains about her life in front of a camera, while adding no actual self-worth to society. In the drama with iDubbtzTv or as he’s really called in real-life, Ian Carter aged 26 has launched an aggressive attack on Tana “Mongoose” as people are now referring to her, for her attacks on him for using the word “n****r”. For more details on this, here is Ian’s video on the drama from his viewpoint.

Whether you like YouTube or not, you can easily see that some of these so called YouTubers are simply just beggars of attention.

(This is part of my coursework where we were challenged to write in the style of a chosen publication, and does not reflect my opinion at all on the subject and is completely in the context of my coursework assignment)