Idea to Ideal.

How sketches and storyboards translate to final.

I’ve decided to make a habit of showing my process. I’ve been able to plan, storyboard , direct and act as a cinematographer on most of this year’s projects so I can really get in there and make sure things work out to taste. This shoot for Lorette Lingerie was a ton of fun because it was actually my first time working with a team with specialized roles, also it was my first studio shoot. ( I don’t even know if the team knew that part , ha.)

The Key : The piece should be finished at each stage.

When I go into a shoot I like to have a solid idea of where things are going to be placed. From the first concept I tend to have a pretty clear picture right away. The drawings don’t really have to be anything too locked down or refined, but they’ve gotta be simple and clear enough to be understood by everyone involved. Overall the approach that I take comes from my background in painting. The key is that the piece should be finished in each stage. The sketches are clear enough to be considered done. Leaving nothing ambiguous is absolutely essential. It’s a game of communication.

Outtakes / BTS

When painting it goes from , plan / reference, to rough sketches, then refined drafting, color roughs, tone , rendering , finishing.

In film the stages in my flow are, idea, sketches, reference /atmosphere, writing, storyboards, team assembly/(wardrobe,accessory,location, lighting), shoot, then post production.

Of course while on set, other moments come up and room for new compositions and spontaneous ideas is given, though before that the essentials must be covered. This is mainly due to situations where using natural light acts as a very active and visible limiter on the amount of time available.

With a clear idea in mind and some patience on the front end of production, you can usually get the result quite close to what’s imagined. Process is key. A great team also comes in clutch.

As a side note, it’s interesting to think that I got into this just over a year ago seriously. Really looking forward to what comes in 2018.

Check out the final cut here :