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Alright, to start, I want to talk to you guys out there about the creative process. Throughout my creative journey so far, this has probably been the most common topic of discussion and questioning that I seem to run into. I want to take this opportunity to talk to the people that want to be creators but are a little uncertain about how to get their ideas out there.



The way that I tend to think about creativity, and getting great things made is that it’s a conversion. Like pulling a feeling, an atmosphere, a concept from the ether then breaking it down into little actions.By going through the step by step process it gradually gets assembled in the tangible world.

If you can hold onto this idea , that it’s a process of little steps being assembled into one larger thing , this will make the entire thing a lot easier on you.


For the most effective flow in this process you’ll have to come to understand what it is that you actually like, and who you really are. In addition to this, it’s good to know what you don’t like. Sometimes this is actually easier than knowing what interests you. Once you’re sure of what you like and what you don’t like, you’ll become more perceptive to things that may spark up a chain of creation.

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For each of us , we naturally have things that we pick up more easily. In addition to this there are some things that we find difficult but we really enjoy. When pursuing something creative ( and trying to take it to a high level) understanding what these things are in your case, is very important. In my personal experience, I’ve found that in pursuit of skills in both categories, over time they come back to blend down the road.

- Specific Instance -

I started with interest in photography, then writing, then film, and decided to pursue a career in design. I was passionate about drawing but I was very very bad at it. In my growth as a designer and through animation school, I learned about shot selection (among other things) , which lead me back to photography, writing and film. Along the road the skills picked up along the way compounded into the blend that I have right now. In time this will too grow and change.

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This part of the process is where most people fall off. Remember that thing that I mentioned up at the top of this post about conversion of ideas happening in a series of little actions? This is where that comes into play. If we can remember along the road that getting ideas out doesn’t really come together at once, this will help with the side of things pertaining to patience. It’s easy to try and then immediately not hit the mark. In fact that’s quite common. The way to become persistent is to understand and accept that everything racks up. Like an RPG the experience is built up in tiny chunks and those small bits will eventually allow you to unlock different skills. Sometimes the information and inspiration that you’ve got sparking things won’t be usable instantly. That’s OK. Sometimes your ideas will be far ahead of your current technical skill level, and you’ll have to tuck away or possibly revisit those concepts. That’s also OK.

Your attempts at communicating creatively will be many, if you allow it. Over time and with deliberate planned practice, the conversion from concept to creation will become much more fluid. Above all though, the most important step of all is…


You must simply start.

Thoughts are great, but without moving you will never get anywhere. Once you’re moving, this allows for momentum to build. Once you have momentum, it’s harder to be stopped.

Become unstoppable.

-Mattieau /まちゃん

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