Next Step…

Things are developing faster than I thought.

Today, I honed in on what I think is the core value of Hunch. Which isn’t what I had assumed, “the structuring of a good conversation through good questions”, but the memory of the conversation.

My plan in this phase of the project was to sell one hour sessions to founders with me simulating hunch, which would mean I could sit with them and help out on the questions they could ask their customers. In doing so, I’d learn first hand what questions needed to be asked, and hence how hunch could deliver it’s core value.

But now having realised that the memory of the conversation (and having ways to search back through those conversations in meaningful ways) is where the value is at, I’m making the call to move past the “me sitting with founders to work out the questions to ask” part of this hunch project. Which means I can move straight to getting people using “hunch” (a hacked version of hunch using Facebook messenger) without me there, and having conversations with them afterwards around using the data. I will still sit in on chats founders are having, but it will be more focused on how they best use hunch, and the nuances of it’s value.

So, I’m now in the position to move to Phase Two of the project, building the first version of Hunch. And the first step for that is to find a team.

I have a conversation lined up for next week with two amazing folk in design & development. We’ll have a chat about what we could do with Hunch; really open up the conversation on how we could build it in a way that works for all of us.

Looking forward to the chat.