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Truly a moving documentary. When I first heard that this thing was being made it was from Chuck Klosterman’s twitter account. Chuck has been a leader in my progressive thoughts with his amazing essays. His Twitter account was raving about this upcoming sports doc featuring OJ that was truly one of a kind.

If it is five parts, it better be

Not disappointed for a second. Being born at the start of the 90's, I never experienced the Bronco chase with coherent thoughts from a highchair; instead I grew up knowing OJ as the “glove guy that got away with murder”. What was made for viewers like me to tonight was begin a journey of the true Orenthal and the preceding history of LA that someone from Kentucky would never know what it was like.

As this author states for The Ringer: There Are No Winners.

He is truly factual on that statement for the sole truth that there is still tension among racial groups all over, including the police; but what cannot be overlooked is that hopefully we can all rise up just as the late Muhammad Ali commanded all of us to do.

For What It’s Worth…the best thing to do when in quicksand is to not panic, but reach out to one another to climb out safely and make sure to not allow anyone to fall in same said pit.

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