India Pale Ales (IPAs) are bad
Silvia Killingsworth

So glad to read this!!! I’ve been drinking REAL “Pale Ale” (Bass, primarily) for about 50 years; and, the crapola that crowds the shelves today really turns my stomach! Brewed essentially for people who have probably NEVER tasted a REAL ale! Flavoured with EVERYTHING under the sun . . .apples; lemons; grapefruits; berries; etc etc. . .And, so “over hopped” that the taste remains in your mouth for hours!

In fact, there are so many “junk” IPA’s on the supermarket and beverage shop shelves, the real stuff has been crowded off. . .And, I have had to “special order” Bass at one of the “premiere” stores in my neighborhood (Jackson, CA)

Before you climb on me about my “prejudice” and apparent “closed mindedness” be aware that I have tried the others (at least a dozen or so); and, I have also, with a generous smile, asked for “assistance” from apparently knowledgeable persons; and, included their recommendations in my tasting.

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