Svelvet 4.0 — The power of HTML is now inside your nodes!

Svelvet, the up-and-coming interactive node-based UI, is getting some major additional features in version 4.0 focused on increasing its capabilities and further utilizing the power of svelte under its hood!

Enter Svelvet 4.0, the Svelvet Cake upgrade! Just like our favorite dessert, the Svelvet Cake upgrade brings in a perfect blend of features that when put to work together create high-quality and rich projects.

Main Upgrades:
All the new features and how to implement them in your project can be found on the documentation page.

2. Group Nodes — Command your army of nodes! Nodes can now be grouped together to be moved together as a unit.

3. Snap-To-Grid — Looking to have everything lined up straight? Us too! Nodes can now be set to snap to grid points for a more organized look to your projects.

4. CSS Background — The world is colorful and so should your background be! Now you can add color to your canvas background!

Other updates:

  1. The NPM package is now part of the GitHub Repo.
  2. We have removed unused dependencies for a lighter footprint of our package on the client side.

What's Next?
Go ahead and give it a spin. We know you want to, install Svelvet 4.0 and use the documentation page to build your application! You can also check out how to build a sample project on our YouTube channel!

Want to contribute?
We were born and raised by our community. Have a good idea? Share your contribution on GitHub and help us continue growing!

The Svelvet 4.0 Team — Svelvet Cake

Ryan Potter
LinkedIn | GitHub

Mauricio Castro
LinkedIn | GitHub

Ian Hnizdo
LinkedIn | GitHub

Abhi Gullapalli
LinkedIn | GitHub



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