I started using Medium because of the content I was able to find. I had their app installed on my phone and tablet. It made sense for me to also start sharing my content there. I really like how practical and minimalist their service is but I don’t like that the content doesn’t live on my domain so I eventually stopped writing. I finally took the time to recreate my personal web site where I’m planning to share more often.

Berliner Dom and TV tower

Berlin is one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to. It has an amazing vibe and it is relatively cheap in comparison to other cool cities like NYC. However, finding an apartment can be a daunting task. Some of my friends who live in Berlin, don’t want to move out of their insert_annoying_adjective apartment, just because they don’t want to go through such experience again. In the last twelve months my wife and I have managed to find two apartments in less than a week. …

The installation instruction for the Pebble SDK on Linux are only meant for Ubuntu. However making it work on openSUSE is very easy.

Download and install the Pebble SDK

Folow the instruction on the main article, they work fine on openSUSE.

Download and install Python libraries

I’m not a python developer so I’m not fully up to date with the status of python 2 vrs 3. However it was a bit confusing to find out that the python version and the pip command that comes installed by default on openSUSE differ on python version:

$ python — version
Python 2.7.10
$ pip — version
pip 8.1.1 from /usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages (python 3.5)


Great hardware meets great software

This post will show you how install openSUSE’s rolling release, Tumbleweed, on the Dell XPS 13 9350 FHD.

Update 2016–06–30: Bios 1.4.4 is out.

Update 2016–06–22: The kernel flag is not needed anymore since kernel 4.6 which was introduced around Tumbleweed version 20160612.

Update 2016–05–04: Added a section to fix the sound issues when using headphones.


  1. Create a recovery USB in case you want return the machinery to it’s original state.
  2. Get yourself a copy of Tumbleweed.
  3. Create a bootable USB. There are instructions for the Linux, Windows and OS X.

Update the BIOS

Using systemd to Spawn Multiple Copies of a Service

This article will teach you how to run one or more Redis instances on a Linux server using systemd to spawn copies of a service.

Installing Redis

The easiest way to install Redis in Linux is with your distributions package manager. Here is how you would do it on openSUSE:

sudo zypper install redis

In case your distribution doesn’t provide a Redis package, you can always follow these instructions to compile it from scratch.

Configuring a Redis instance

Once installed you will need to create a configuration file for each instance of the service you want to run.

1. Make a copy of the example/default file…

Get all your messaging apps in one place!

In case you havent already here is a quick guide how to install Franz in Linux:

  1. Go to http://meetfranz.com/ and download the Linux standalone.
  2. Extract it into the directory where you like to install your applications. In my case it’s `Applications` under my home directory
mkdir -p ~/Applications/Franz
tar -zxvf Franz-linux-x64–*.tgz -C ~/Applications/Franz

Proceed to integrate Franz with Gnome:

Create a the file `~/.local/share/applications/franz.desktop` with the following entries:

[Desktop Entry] 
Exec=/home/USERNAME/Applications/Franz/Franz — %u

Note: Remember to replace USERNAME with your own username.

You can get the icon from here:

If you found this information helpful please give it some ❤

“Slow” by goesberlin. Creative Commons by-nc-nd license Some rights reserved.

Finding out which plugin is making Vim slow

I like Vim because it’s very fast. Unfortunately the other day I found myself opening a diff file that took forever to load. The file had 58187 (this number will be important later on) lines in it but I never thought Vim would choke with something that was less than 2M size.

If you find yourself in a similar situation this is what you can do in order to find out what is causing Vim to slow down:

  1. Open Vim and start the profiling
:profile start /tmp/profile.log …

Pebble Time Round with the “Sliding Text” Watchface.

An average day wearing a Pebble Time Round

It’s some time before 7am and my Pebble Time Round gently vibrates on my wrist to wake me up. I’m not a morning person and quite a deep sleeper so most of the time I don’t even hear the sound of my alarm clock but using Morpheuz’ vibrating “smart” alarm has helped me wake faster and feel more energized.

The first thing I do after waking up is to look behind in the PTR’s timeline to see the weather forecast. Then I take it off my wrist and put it to charge while I get a shower, get dressed and…

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