Avoiding Productivity Guilt

People often talk about all the benefits of S.M.A.R.T goals, keeping a daily to-do list, and other strategies to keep things measurable. The main advantage mentioned is that when you measure what you’re doing it’s easier to achieve your goals.

I fully agree with this, but another very good reason to keep your goals and tasks measurable and precise is to have a clear picture of all the things that you DON’T need to do.

When your boundaries on your daily commitments and responsibilities towards your goals are gray and unclear. Or it’s difficult to measure exactly when your goal is achieved. It can seriously diminish your life enjoyment and can cause a constant state of stress and “productivity guilt” when you’re trying to relax.

If you have clear goals on where you want to go, and have specific tasks that you have to do to get there. Whenever you’re not doing those tasks, on your free days, weekends, or free time, you can have a clean and clear mind and focus just on relaxing and enjoying knowing that things are taken care of.