Single Attribution Research Bounty Network

Single Attribution Research Bounty Network

This would be the simplest implementation of a research network on a blockchain. It’s similar to a security bug bounty for smart contracts but uses a swarm of peer reviewers to approve submissions.

It’s single attribution because a single researcher gets the entire prize. It’s bounty based because the rewards are delivered after the research is done and approved. It uses its own Bounty Research Token (BRT) for transactions and to align network incentives and it would be built on the ethereum blockchain.

Network Actors

Researcher, Reviewer, Funder


Any actor in the network can create a bounty to incentivize researchers to work towards a particular problem. This creates a ResearchBounty smart contract with a description that would be saved on the decentralized storage solution IPFS to save on storage cost. It’s not mandatory to send funds when creating a bounty.

Anyone can send money to the bounty to incentivise researchers. Funds deposited to the bounty have to be made in BRT. This is an open and continuous process until the funds are successfuly claimed. The funds are locked in the smart contract for a period of 3 months after which the funder can withdraw the tokens in case there was no interest for the proposal.

When a researcher or group of researchers think they have solved the bounty, they send a submission to the contract. The submission would have to include:

- A hash pointing to an IPFS file containing the paper, specs, data and anything else that comprises the solution.

- A standard amount in BRT used to pay for the peer review.

Some party has to pay for the review and making the research submitter pay is the safest option to avoid network attacks and promote good submissions.

To be accepted, a submission will have to receive 2 out of 3 approvals from peer review. Our network or reviewers will initially be comprised of two different groups.

- Regular reviewer: Anyone can be part of this group, they will earn reputation as they successfully review submissions without having their decisions overturned.

- Vetted reviewer: This will be reviewers vetted by us as trustworthy within the community with previous experience doing peer review, and will exist as a fallback mechanism to bootstrap the reputation network for peer review.

After the regular reviewers issue their decision, there’s a period of time for the submitter to challenge it. In case of a challenge, she will have to send more BRT to pay for the next round of review. This round will use our vetted reviewers and they will check if there was foul play or mistakes with the peer review and issue their own 2 out of three vote which is final.

If a submission passes the peer review process successfully, the funds are awarded and the bounty is closed. If not, the bounty remains open for future submissions.

If you’re interested in discussing or learning more, you are welcome to join our telegram and continue the conversation.