Check Out These Adventurous Things To Do In Long Beach California

When could you possibly not have something to do when you’re in California. Isn’t that the truth, as any city in California is a great vacation spot, especially Long Beach. Long Beach California has tons of things to do and features some spectacular landmark attractions and even time spent with nature.










After all, you already know you’re heading to the beach. But you don’t have to head there just yet, as you have plenty of more choices for your first adventure. Let’s get to looking at some of the things to do in Long Beach, California.

One of the top attractions is Aquarium of the Pacific, which is an adventure that you can enjoy for a few hours according to reviewers. Expect to pet the rays and more, but the really cool thing about this place one person says is that it’s a trip around the world.

Reviews naturally point to kids loving the place, but they also point to adults having a blast, too.

The Catalina Express is the next top attraction, and it is located on Golden Shore. Are you ready to take a day trip?

It is a boat ride so you already get to be out on the water. Enjoy the Commodore Lounge onboard, and reviewers talk about paying attention to extras when booking.

You can imagine the views are going to be amazing while aboard the Catalina Express. Plus you still get to enjoy your destination, Catalina Island. Don’t worry, you won’t get left on the island as the Catalina Express provides visitors with a round trip back to Long Beach.

At least the next few top things to do in the city are on the waterfront. As a matter of fact, the next one is the Long Beach Waterfront, specifically along 54th Place and Ocean Boulevard.

Here you will find another listed top attraction, The Queen Mary, and many other things. You can enjoy whale watching, enjoy the nature and surrounding area including places to walk and a bike path and there are restaurants in the area too of course.

Naples Island is also quite the attraction. Would you enjoy a relaxing gondola ride? Reviewers talk about the Christmas Lights being one of the big draws, a tradition.

Of course you have to visit during the holidays to enjoy those lights. There are great walking paths, and you get away from all the crowded areas.

El Dorado Nature Center is the next thing to do in Long Beach California. It is located on E Spring Street, and the reviews mention a parking fee just so you’re prepared.

It is a nature preserve with turtles, birds and more, and there is a mile long walking trail. It is said to be a very peaceful place.

When you go to the beach, don’t just go, take the dog. Rosie’s Dog Beach is on E Ocean Boulevard, and yes, dogs can be off the leash.

Reviews mention that it is clean, so that is definitely a draw. Does your dog love the beach? Mine did, but he moved to Texas. He didn’t like the water though, just the sand.

Pine Avenue is its own attraction, featuring plenty of great restaurants and things to do. This is the downtown area of Long Beach, and so you’re going to want to spend some time to explore everything.

Then there is Belmont Shore, which you can actually see when you visit Naples Island. It’s easy to do these two attractions together the reviews say.

Whale watching was mentioned as an activity at one of the attractions, and there are also separate whale watching and dolphin watching adventures. This next stop though is a unique adventure for sure.

Are you ready to experience the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden on Bellflower Road? There are bonsai trees, koi fish and everything you would expect.

The Pike at Rainbow Harbor sounds like the place to be, doesn’t it? It is actually on South Pine Avenue.

You’re really starting to see how some of these Long Beach California attractions connect with one another. Make sure you hop on the Ferris Wheel while you’re there.

Do you like to visit major universities? Maybe you have someone in the family getting ready to go to college.

There are also things to do for visitors at California State University anyway. Visit the Japanese Garden when you visit the campus, as both are on Bellflower Road.

It is now time for the arts, and a top attraction in Long Beach featuring the arts is the Long Beach Museum of Art. It’s located on East Ocean Boulevard, and it comes with an ocean view.

That is unique for a museum of any kind. There is a basement level to the museum as well, and it bears mentioning that the exhibits are always changing if you have already been there before.

Does it sound like a cool adventure visiting the Scorpion Submarine? It is on Queens Highway, and one reviewer outs it simply, not to make the attraction seem bland, a ‘Cold War relic.’

It would be best to explore the submarine, and it is something you can plan when visiting The Queen Mary.

You know who The Carpenters are, right? Visit the Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center on Atherton Street.

People that live there even get season tickets, so you know there is always going to be a unique show to catch. All kinds of shows are held at this venue, so you will have to look at listings ahead of time to see what’s slated for during your stay.

There is also the Long Beach East Village Arts District, the Walter Pyramid, Mother’s Beach, Bixby Park, Skinny House and so much more. If you run out of things to do in Long Beach, which isn’t going to happen, all you have to do is stick your toes in the sand.

Okay folks, that is plenty of things for you to do a you vacation in Long Beach.