Promising the Earth: No Man’s Sky
Paul Kilduff-Taylor

excellent article, I might not agree on all points (more trailers should have visible disclaimers about “not being final footage, final gameplay can be different”, if not there they are considered promises by the players)

However the “Sean lied” movement will not listen just as an angry mob will not put down their pitchforks. You can see it in the same light as some religious and politicial … or rather “political” movements. The evidence is there for everyone to see but their “truth” is the only thing that matters.

I heard the anouncement back in ’13 and decided to stay away from any hype, I didn’t read about NMS, I didn’t watch trailers I wanted to remain blank and just know there would be a massive game coming soon. When it was released I bought and was not dissapointed… then the shit hit the fan and the whole internet exploded. Reading back and watching videos I can see where people where “tricked” into thinking they had a MMO, as you stated yourself, people only read the part they are interested in… “look … it says ‘other people’…yay… multiplayer.

all that they will take from this article is “dev defending dev, telling us we “don’t understand”

You can lead a horse to water………

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