For This Republican, Never Trump Means “I’m With Her”
Caroline McCain

I am not an American and normally don’t think it matters to me who is the next US president, I just hope the candidate I like the most will win. This year however it is different as a Trump presidency poses not only a threat to the US but to us in Europe as well. I think you might be surprised that most Europeans and their Leaders don’t share your views on Obama (your comment about damaging foreign relations, most people I talk to would say the opposite, he repaired them) but that is hakuna matata :) However Trump is a person that might use nukes on his allies and someone like that WILL damage foreign relations and our trust in our till now most trusted ally (I am Dutch, together with the French we are your oldest allies)

I don’t really like Hillary, nothing to do with lies or emails, just my gut feeling, but I do know when it comes to foreign policy she will be the safest choice. Besides that, anyone that speaks about a war hero/POW like that is a disgusting piece of bleep. Nam was not “our” war but if he talks like your granddfather like that he most likely talks about WWII veterans in the same manner. We have a YUUUUGE debt to them (sorry couldn’t stop myself) and the US military has my deepest respect due to people like them and your grandfather. I hope Hillary wins and you get your party back :)