Do You Agree Spaceships Are Chariots Of The Gods

So the big question these days is, are humans just hybrid aliens?

I first came across Chariots of the Gods, after watching Ancient Aliens. It airs on the H2 channel in Calgary, Alberta. You would have to check your local area to see what channel and time the show airs in your area.

After watching a few episodes, I was hooked. The idea a television show explores the possibilities that we are not alone in this universe was interesting to me. The idea that there is evidence all over this planet showing us the proof. It’s hard to believe that what we think we know about history might be wrong.

Ancient Aliens had my attention because I have always been interested in world culture and religion. This show explored the idea that what we know in our written history might be wrong.

The Book

After watching the show for a few years now and having some very interesting conversations with friends I decided to pick up a copy of the book from one of my best friends in life.

He had already read the book and had no issue that I read it, also. The book was first printed in the last 60’s to early 70’s. Concepts and talk like this was very new for it’s time and Erich Von Daniken is considered the father of the thinking that Aliens could have altered the directions of our civilization.

Page after page, Chariots Of The Gods, has so many interesting ideas to consider. The person who is open, cannot help but explore the words in this books.

My goal is to review the facts that Erich Von Daniken has presented, and explore the possibilities that what he is saying can be fact or fictions based on my understanding of the world. I will only represent one idea from each chapter, as Erich Von Daniken does explore many ideas in this book and in each chapter.

Chariots Of The Gods — Book Review

Chapter 01 — Are There Intelligent Beings in our Cosmos?

Astronomer Harlow Shapley estimated that there are some, 10 to the 20thpower, stars within range of our telescopes. (Page 2)

This is a massive number. One that I cannot begin to understand since everyday normal math calculations do not have numbers this large for us to work with. The question is could one of these starts or stars that we cannot see with our telescopes have intelligent being living on them?

I would have to think, YES!

Of all the information, we have about the universe, it is hard to believe that we are the only planet that can harbor life. We are lead water is the key to life on the planet Earth and the key to life existing on other planets in our solar system or outside of it.

I do not have the prove to say, YES water is on another planet, but the more NASA explores the more we hear of them finding ice on other planets or liquid gas rivers.

The Earth, is believed, to have formed over 4,000,000,000 year ago and the Universe would be considerably older than that. We also know that the Universe is expanding and has been since the beginning of all of this. So, could there be life on at least one planets, that is millions of light years away?

The thinking that we are alone is wrong in this universe is wrong in my view. I do think we should consider the fact perhaps there was intelligent life out in the cosmos at some point but perhaps they are no longer with us or that they are so far that it would take them millions of years to reach us.

Maybe that same life that we are searching for is searching for us? Perhaps that long-lost civilization found us and went back to the galaxy they came from? Like in the movie, Superman, maybe the planet fell to some ill will and everyone died.

The questions should not be, whether or not their is life in the Cosmos, but is that life we are searching for still alive? I think that is a better question to consider.

Chapter 02 — When Our Spaceship Landed on Earth…

If a spaceship could reach 99% of the speed of light, then the boundaries of our solar system are endless. (Page 9)

This is an interesting idea. If we could build a spaceship that would travel at the speed of light we could travel anywhere we want to in the known and unknown Universe. The speed of light is 299 792 458 meters/second.

This type of speed is very hard for us to understand since we usually don’t drive more that 100km/hour. We experience this type of speed everyday but we take it for granted since it’s an expectation that things will just work when we turn them on.

When we watch movies like Star Wars or Star Trek we get a small glimpse into how fast that kind of speed would be.

I do not think we humans on earth have yet created a spaceship that can travel that fast. We would first have to understand what that kind of speed would do to a body in motion. This type of technology would take millions of dollars to develop and frankly when we watch shuttle launches we do not travel that fast.

Now we should consider that an older civilization that is older than ours may have developed a spacecraft that can travel that fast and handle the forces that are put on the craft.

We have all heard of people who say they say a craft in the sky just hovering above and then in an instant the craft was gone. Maybe those people are witnessing an alien civilization that is much more advanced that our own.

I do believe the concept of being able to fly in a craft, at the speed of light, is what would make space travel possible across our wide untraveled universe. If aliens from a different planet, a planet that would have been here long before the earth was formed, did have a civilization and the technology to send people on a space odyssey then they could reach our planet in time as we see in our Hollywood movies.

Chapter 03 — The Improbable World of the Unexplained

What does legend say about the mysterious city of Tiahuanaco?

It tells of a golden spaceship that come from the starts; in it came a women, whose name was Oryana, to fulfill the task of becoming the Great Mother of the earth. Oryana had only four fingers, which were webbed. Great Mother Oryana gave birth to 70 earth children, then she returned to the stars. We do, in fact, find rock drawings of beings with four fingers at Tiahuanaco. Their age cannot be determined. No one from any of the ages known to us ever saw Tiahuanaco when it was not in ruins. (Page 26–27)

According to Wikipedia, Tiahuanaco was first written about by Pedro Cieza de Leon in 1549. What a sight it must have been to come to a site that is said to be over 17,000 years old. There stood huge stone pillars that accent people built. Then came the stories of the people of the area and what they believed.

So, could a spaceship come down from the stars? We have talked about the possibilities that a craft could be build could travel the speed of light. If those civilizations, that existed on planets, did build the craft they could travel to our world as they would be older than we are today.

The story goes, a four-fingered women exited the craft. That could be a possibility as we do not know how life on other planets would seem based on their evolution not our evolution.

She gave birth to 70 children. This statement is something to think about. Not only did she mate with the people of planet earth but they were also ok with this arrangement. That would mean that the women must have mated with no more than 70 men. The men must have been chosen based on build, wisdom and status.

Then she returned to the stars. She went by herself and did not take the 70 babies. She left them there to be taken care of by the people of Tiahuanaco.

They used the tools they had in their time to tell the story of what happen by drawing on the rocks which can still be seen today. Why would they record this history? Has it to tell the 70 children where they come from? To tell the children who their mother was? Or was that the only method they had at the time to record what they had experienced?

We hear of many stories, from many regions of the world and from many cultures about the people of the heavens. I do believe that the people told of their experience as we tell of our experience to our friends using social media.

Chapter 04 — Was God an Astronaut?

In Exodus 15:10, Moses relates the exact instructions which “God” gave for building the Ark of the Covenant. The directions given to the very inch, how and where staves and rings are to be fitted, and from what alloy the metals are to be made. The instructions were meant to make sure that everything was carried out exactly as “God” wanted it. He warned Moses several times no to make any mistakes. (Page 49)

No one, he told Moses, should come close to the Ark of the Covenant, and he gave precise instructions about the clothing to be worn and footwear. (Page 49–50)

When passing cattle shook and threatened to overturn the Ark, Uzzah grabbed hold of it. He fell dead on the spot, as if struck by lightning. (Page 50)

Moses is instructed by God to make a Ark that is not to be touched by anyone by him since he is the only one who knows how to handle it. When Uzzah does touch the Ark, he dies on the spot.

I believe that the Ark was a power source for the spaceship and the beings, from another planet, needed of battery like object. Their power source may have taken a hit on the landing on earth. Perhaps the one that was installed on the ship was not build well by the people of their own planet.

They gave exact details on how to build the battery. It seems the battery was a high voltage item which was to be handled with due car.

We can look at the transformers in our neighbourhoods and they say high voltage. Say away and do not touch. If we are to touch these power sources, we will surely die, as per the warnings from the makers.

I do think that the Ark of the Covenant was installed on the spaceship by Moses so the space travelers could leave the planet Earth. We hear all the time that groups of researchers are looking for the Ark and I feel they will not find it on this planet but they may find the evidence that the Ark was indeed build.

Chapter 05 — Fiery Chariots from the Heavens

If the account of the Flood in the Bible is a secondhand one, the first-person form of Utnapishtim’s narrative shows that a survivor, an eyewitness, was speaking in the Epic of Gilgamesh. (Page 61)

In the story of Gilgamesh there is a great flood and in the Bible, there is a story that parallels the account.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Gods live in the mountains. Just as God visited and gave Moses the Ten commandments in the mountains. If one was to survive a major flood, one that would wipe out every living person, plant and animal you would have to go to the highest points on earth. These being mountains. They would possibly be the only locations to survive a flood, if we were to have one of that size.

The flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh took place before Bible times. So, this tells us that if the Bible is the written, true word of God, then the Flood did happen. The question is, is the Epic of Gilgamesh a lie? or as suggested is the account from someone who survived the flood or story that was passed down from survivors to the people on Bible times?

I believe that the Epic of Gilgamesh could have happened. There were many survivors who found higher ground and then stories were shared to generations that followed.

Chapter 06 — Ancient Imagination and Legends, or Ancient facts?

The first book of the Mahabharata reveals the intimate history of the unmarried Kunti, who not only received a visit from the sun-god but also had a son by him, a son who is supposed to have been as radian as the sun itself. As Kunti was afraid — even in those days — of falling into disgrace, she laid the child in a little basket and put it in the river. (Page 71)

The Mahabharata is an Epic story from the Hindu tradition. This story is one I was told, growing up in a Hindu family. My parents would watch the movies and tell my sister and I what was happening. My parents told us that these were real events that had taken place thousands of years ago. This was the story of God.

The story of an unmarried women having a child by God is not new to us. Many Christians also know this story as this was how Jesus was born. Just like Kunti perhaps Mary was also visited by God and had Gods child.

Kunti received a visit from the sun-god and had a child by him. Growing up my mom called me son in the traditional sense and in love she would sometimes say I was her sunny. He Sun. If we think about it, my mom would be a mother like Kunti, and they both had a Son — Sun. That would tell me that all sons are children of a Sun god.

The story does not say if the Sun God went back to the place came to visit from but I would have to assume he did. He left the child with Kunti, on earth, and she was to take care of him. She put him in a basket on the river and sailed him away. We see this parallel story about Moses.

Moses could have been the son of a Sun God and that is why he was asked to build the Ark of the Covenant. It would make sense why he was the only one who could properly handle a high voltage battery he was asked to make. As we see when Uzzah handled it he died on the spot.

Chapter 07 — Ancient Marvels or Space Travel Centers?

We know next to nothing about the how, why, and when of the building of the pyramids. An artificial mountain, some 490 feet high and weighing 6.5 million tons, stands there as evidence of an incredible achievement, and this monument is supposed to be nothing more than the burial-place of an extravagant king! (Page 98)

Why would a king or god put so many people through the trouble of building such a wonder? The pyramid is said to have 2.6 million stones each of which that weights between 6.5 to 10 tons. The smaller ones close to the top weight as much as an elephant.

It’s estimated that it would have taken salves or workers well over 600 years to cut, transport and build the pyramid to completion. Why would any human living thousands of years ago construct this?

It is believed that people thousands of years ago, did not live as long as we do, today. So, a king that would only live between 25 and 40 years started building a pyramid that would take between 12–25 of his lifetimes to complete, why?

It was where he was to be buried. This final resting place but all signs show that the pyramids are more than random. They are pure math. There are holes on the pyramids that line up with distant stars. They can calculate the distance to the sun and earth. Through math formulas you get PI=3.14159. Above the pyramids points the starts also line up perfectly.

This dry, sand desert near water was chosen for a reason. It is endless space that visitors from distant planets could land and park their space crafts. Mountains are where the gods dwell and is seen in all the different stories. Mountains are also where many people go today to get away from the day-to-day life.

If you go to India, China, Nepal and other countries, you can see temples that have been built God in the mountains. Many people travel to them each year. They want to connect to the energy in those temples, so they can feel closer to God.

Chapter 08 — Easter Island — Land of the Bird Men

Hundreds of gigantic statues, some of which are between 33 and 66 feet high and weigh as much as 50 tons, still stare challengingly at the visitor today. (Pay 110)

For those of you who have not heard of Easter Island you can read more about it on the link. For those of you who do know about Easter Island you know it’s a small island off the coast of Chili in South America. This island was believed to been inhabited by a few thousand people in the past. Today the population is under 6000 people.

On such an isolated island where did the people get the tools to carve out of stone these massive heads? They would have been cut off from the rest of civilization for the most part. They would have had to have gotten there somehow. Either they had built boats and on their travels found the island by accident? Which makes me wonder where were they going since the world was believed to be flat. Did they know the world was not flat? Who would have told them about this or did these people have an opportunity to see the earth from above themselves?

Let’s say you get to this island and want to start a new life. Why crave hundreds of statues? Was it part of their new identity or where they paying homage to something greater than them?

The volcanic stones are heavy. Just as heavy, if not even more than the ones we hear about at the pyramids in Egypt. So why stone? We know it can take water and weather thousands of years to wear down the material. I believe they wanted their creation to outlive them and possibly all of humanity so when the gods, from the sky, did come back they would find the planet just as they left it, primitive!

This would allow them to again, kick-start humanity, and allow us to continue to find our way until we got it right.

Chapter 09 — The Mysteries of South America and Other Oddities

Outline drawings of animals which simply did not exist in South America 10,000 years ago, namely camels and lions, were found on the rocks of the desert plateaus of Marcahuasi (Peru) 12,500 feel above sea level. (Page 129)

Just to give you an idea of how high 12,500 feet is, Calgary is 3,428 feet, Kathmandu in Nepal is 4,600 feet and in Maui the tallest peak, Haleakala, is 10,023 feet.

Why do people want to live at such high elevations? One thing I come up with is they want to be as close to the gods as possible without dying of cold, wind and other weather problems.

If anyone has climbed a mountain they know that even a few hundred feet of elevation takes a few hours. This depends on the terrain and elevation change. Let’s think back to 10,000 years ago, why would anyone want to move from living off the sea and possibly fertile soil, to a much harder life in the mountains where food cannot be that easy found?

Then comes the question who do people who are most likely isolated from the rest of the known world able to know about Lions and Camels? Who told them about these animals? Did they see these animals for themselves, on journeys, that we are told they could not possibly have made? Wear they told about these animals, form visitor from above? Better yet, where they transported to faraway lands, introduced to other civilizations, and then brought back to their land, where they told stories and drew what they saw?

Why crave the drawing where possibly no other humans would find it for thousands of years? Why not put it where everyone could see the drawings? I believe they wanted to keep their history so it could be found just the way they left it and allowing us to go back in time.

Chapter 10 — The Earth’s Experience of Space

UFO’s have been sighted in America and over the Philippines, in West Germany and elsewhere. Let us assume that 98 percent of the people who claimed that they had seen UFO’s actually saw (a) ball (of) lightening, weather balloons, strange cloud formations, new unknown types of aircrafts, or even odd effects of light and shade in the sky at twilight. (Page 143)

Could it be possible that everyone is telling the truth about UFO’s or could be that they are all lying. We know that there have been many cases where people have lied but we do know there are many cases that they cannot prove that they are lying.

I like the idea of if we were to dismiss 98 percent of what people are saying then at least 2 percent would have to be considered as the possible truth. How can so many people feel, experience and describe something that is so similar and we dismiss it.

We have all heard of Roswell where it is believed that the United States government covered up a spacecraft crash. What about the picture that was published by the by the LA Times? Was this also a fake? Why would a credible publication print this for everyone to see and then change its story? Why are military personal not able to tell what they have seen in the sky? How come this information is classified?

Could there be spaceships visiting us, on Earth, thousands of years after the first recorded event by our ancestors? I guess until you see it for yourself this question can be hard to answer but when people to tell us they say a craft the mass public tell them that they are crazy. Why do we do that? Are we afraid to explore the truth and dig to deep?

Are we going to live at a surface understanding and just let people tell us what to believe?

Chapter 11 — The Search for Direct Communication

Edgar Cayce fell ill in his early youth; he was wracked by cramps; high fever was consuming his body; he fell into a coma. While doctors were trying in vain to bring the boy back to consciousness, Edgar suddenly began to speak loudly can clearly. He explained why he was ill, named some remedies which he needed, and told them to prepare a paste from certain ingredients and smear his spine with it.

Doctor and relatives were astounded because they had no idea where the boy had go this knowledge and the technical language, which was quite unknown to him. (Page 166)

How could someone who has no understanding of science, biology and medicine come up with a cure and tell doctors while he is in coma?

As Edgar laid in coma was he able to channel a different part of his brain and cure himself? We have been told that we only use a small percentage of our brain. We are also told we do not understand what the grey matter does.

Perhaps in meditation and hypnosis we channel information form parts of the brain we are not able to channel from the conscious mind. Could the information in the grey matter of our mind be information we need to understand ourselves? Will it help us understand the world around us?

Could the gods, form other planets, hide that information in our minds for us to explore when we are ready for it?

I am sure at some point we have all been or heard of someone going to a psychic. They seem to know a lot about us and we have never met them. How is it possible for someone to know so much about you when you don’t know that person? How are they able to tell you about your childhood or memories you have not shared with anyone?

Are there on people on earth, that have the ability to channel their “God” given gifts, better than other people in our population? Are these people known descendants of ancestors, who were born between relationship of earthly beings and gods?

These are not easy answers but good ones to consider and explore

Chapter 12 — Tomorrow

Will man create a second, third and fourth earth? (Page 183)

For us to consider this question, I believe we need to consider that perhaps the Earth we know, is not the first earth have lived on.

If spacecraft came from distant worlds they would not come here and leave no trace. They would make their journey known to others, just like we have done, according to recorded history.

We are exploring our known universe and have sent out our own, manned and unmanned spaceships. We need to know more about what is out there based on what we know today.

From the first moment we found out that there was life in the universe we have tried to duplicate what the traveler have shown us. We have always looked to the heavens for answers. Our ancestors studied the cosmos and had an understanding that most of us will never comprehend.

Today, we look to Mars as our possible answer to the Earth. An Earth 2. What do we want to do on Mars? What is the purpose based on what we have been told vs what we are to believe?

The interesting question is, if we were to find life on other planets, would we try to share our DNA with them? Would we try to create a new hybrid species?


Reading Chariots of the Gods answered some questions that I believed I have always asked myself. It has unfortunately left more unanswered question for us to consider, if we choose to explore history. Personally, these questions are some that my friends and I like to consider over a few drinks.

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