Do You Want 25 Reasons To Practice Mindful Meditation

What is meditation? How do you meditate? Is it really helpful or what? All good questions. Lets find out.

At the beginning of 2016, my goal was to meditate for 366 days. I started strong but only did 76 days. This is 20.76% of my goal.

Looking for guidance in my meditation, I went to Youtube and found Vishan Lakhiani, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Alan Watts, Mooji and Thich Nhat Hanh.

What is the best time to meditate? Well for me, I found it was in the morning.

What time is best for you? I would suggest meditating at different times such as before work, in the afternoon, after work or before bed time.

Trying different times and you will figure out what time is best for you. Do not meditate once and then pick the “right” time. Once you know what time of day is best for your results, stick to that time the best you can.

Starting Meditation

This video is a Meditation I have done many times and found great results:

It’s not important which meditation you follow. What is important is that you do it on a daily basic once you find the technique that works for you.

Find a seated position that is comfortable. On the floor or a chair, is fine. As you breath in and out, find ways to join all your five senses.

Started by do a meditation for five minutes. As you get comfortable increase your time. As you continue to practice, continue to increase your meditation time.

Understand that each moment you spend in mindful meditation, is a moment you spend towards achieving the understanding you’re looking for.

Do your best to not get distracted by what you will do next. Most of us when we start can to wait to get back to the “reality” of the day.

You’ll find the more you focus on the next moment, the more you will feel disconnected, alone and on auto pilot.

Thoughts and Believes

There are many things you will learn through meditation. The biggest lesson I learned, in my 76 days, was that I am my biggest road block. I learned if I want to succeed, I need to guard my thoughts.

Do you want to sleep better? Meditation is the answer. Sitting in a quite space allows you to create loving awareness, clarity, learn to breathe deeper and connect to other human beings.

Along with that you will start to appreciate the animals, trees, plants and everything around you in awareness.

When you meditate on an empty stomach, I found that you are able to breathe deeper and bring more oxygen into my body.

Two thoughts were powerful for me. First, I am form, which is different from my soul. To live a happier life, I need to detach the form from the thoughts of who I think I am.

Second, meditation is not only about sitting in silence, it is teaching someone something you know and watching them grow.

25 Lessons Learned In Meditation

  1. Focused on breathing and control restless energy.
  2. Let go of the “I’m right” attitude.
  3. Make time for yourself daily.
  4. Finding ways to give time, money and efforts to causes I believe in.
  5. As you breath in and out, count to keep mind from wondering.
  6. Focus positive energy on other people.
  7. Let go of the mind. Believe in God and/or the power or the universe.
  8. Do not expect people to perform to the level of your own expectation.
  9. Let go of EGO to understand others better.
  10. Work on not judging others. Have an open heart for all.
  11. Learn to let go of the past after you have forgiven or been forgiven.
  12. Find direction. Cut out things that are not taking you towards that direction.
  13. Learn to be a better communicator and leader.
  14. Pray for the living and dead.
  15. Be grateful for what I have and all I do not have.
  16. Realize where you need to improve to become a better person, spouse, employee, entrepreneur and human to others.
  17. See the positive and negative you see in others. Then see it within yourself and change it.
  18. Have a talk with your inner self.
  19. Breath out and release the old you, for a new you.
  20. Meditation can bring structure to you day and life.
  21. Each day you meditate, you get to experience a different you.
  22. Don’t silence all thoughts. Follow those thoughts and see where they take you. Once you are done following your thought. Come back to your breathing.
  23. Give to yourself, then give to others from a place of happiness.
  24. Looking at the big picture Know You are not You. You are every life form that you have ever witnessed.
  25. Show empathy and emotion. Do not just live in a logical world.


In 76 days of mediation I wrote down many questions. Some of those questions came to me as I meditated in silence and others come to me as I listen to the guided words.

  1. Who Am I?
  2. Today I spend money. What could I have done with that money instead?
  3. Why do certain thoughts come to my mind?
  4. Is it wrong to show people what material and non-material things you have when you have worked so hard for it?
  5. Will my meditation allow me to have further clarity of my dreams?
  6. Why do I care about people, place or things even when I do not want to anymore?
  7. What form of life will I take in my next life?


You can gain wisdom and learn many lessons through meditation. No one can tell anyone if meditation if right of wrong for you. You have to decide this for yourself.

What I can tell you is, the days I meditate and a few days after, I had clarity and the ability to “see” better than I did the day before.

I was able to focus on a positive attitude to create a positive future.

If we are able to meditate on a daily basis I believe we would be able to release negative thoughts and replace them with different life experiences.

When you meditate you walk in awareness, experience happiness and other emotions.

In meditation I realized that I am not my past and started my meditation Mantra.

This Moment Is Meditation.” This simple mantra keeps me grounded and helps me see each moment for what it is.

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