How To Create A Positive Environment By Engaging Staff

Learn To Use Employee Feedback

Want to create a positive environment? A) You consider your employees idea? B) You tell them to focus on doing their job?
 Go with option A.
Getting employee feedback will create the positive environment you have striven for. Will you allow your employees to make the work environment a better one or will you continue to dictate how things need to be?
The success of your company is on your shoulder and the backs of your employees. Will you listen to the people who know your customers best?
Your employees interact with the most important part of your business. YOUR CUSTOMER!
Creating A Service Environment
Does your company have a sensible, comprehensive and active service philosophy? If not, then perhaps your company is operating on borrowed time.
Customer service is the back bone of every company and must be an ongoing and planned business activity with lots of support from every level of the management team.
What Do Customers Want?
Your business exists not only because you have a quality products and service. Today your customer want to feel important, feel confident, have an honest sales associates and wants a sense of trust and loyalty from the company they do business with.
Four Steps To Gain A Competitive Advantage
Today your competitors want to win over your customers. Understand the methods they are using to attract your customers. Once you understand what they’re doing, you can plan.
Step One — Talk About Features and Benefits
It is here where our staff talk about the features and benefits of our products and services to gain competitive advantage .
Step Two — Talk Pricing
Wanting to be the lowest price is a common mistake everyone makes. We can be the most expensive and have a healthy market share. Just consider Apple products.
Here is a post that show you how to sell value over price.
Step Three — Talk Quality
Focus on quality. We are all customers and we expect competitive features, price and quality. This is why we have choice.
Step Four — The Importance of Customer Service
With today’s technology, the difference between one product and service can be hard to distinguish. This is where your customer service must be better than everyone else in the same industry.
Why Customer Service Is Important
The simple answer is, our customer is our business. Without a formal customer service program in place we can experience market share loss to our competitors.
 As a business, we must be aware if our customer does not get what they expect from us, they will go elsewhere and they may not come back.
 The fact is we must build our business reputation on service and look for ways to keep the business of our customers.
Customer Service Program And Benefit To Your Company
Customer relations programs are built on two things concepts.
One you must use common sense. This is not always ease. We all know common sense is not common.
 Second, your awareness of how you would like to be treated.
We build our business around this ideas. There is no need to re-invent the wheel what it comes to customer service but you can do it better.
Customer service should be a core value of your company if you want long-term profitability and growth your company.
You can create a great customer relations program by creating loyalty, encouraging productivity, building confidence and self-esteem and developing pride.
Your business is built on creating value through customer service. This means your employee feedback is crucial to build a positive environment. They will allow you to have a competitive advantage to those who to do not value employee feedback.
What Is The Role Of Your Employees?
You probably know your employees play the most important role in the company. So hire and train them to be successful in their position.
In order to get the best results from your employees, you have to allow them to make the tough decisions as it pertains to customer service.
Two Kinds of Workplaces
We have all worked for companies we loved and ones that we did not. Why was this our experience?
One type of job energized us and we wanted to perform. The other deflated us and we can not wait to quit.
As the manager of your company or supervisor of people, you need to find out what motivates your employees. In there lies the secret to creating a positive environment.
As managers we believe positive pep talks, money, training, daily communication and job security is what our employees seek. Although this can be true, it is not always the biggest motivator.
Employees are always more motived when they have responsibilities. They want to have an important part in the success of the company. They want to know that their efforts counted for the overall success of the team. The support of the manager is important.
You and your employees may have worked for companies where you did not perform to the best of your ability.
When you dictate what needs to be done employees feel like they are jus doing what they are told to do. You have to give positive feedback. When they have an idea, make sure they are given credit for that idea.
Don’t give them a reason to feel like they are not appreciated and always dealing with office politics.
Motivate or Deflate
If you want your employee feedback to be positive you will need to motivate them. If you want your employee feedback to be non-existent, then do not motive them or offer a positive environment for them to work.
I would suggest you allow your staff to take ownership and take a personal interest in the success of the organization.
Be a boss that employees want to work for. Do not always hold their hands. Let them grow and make important decisions. If they are not sure what to do, ask them to run the ideas by managers or supervisors.
Empower Your Staff With A Positive Environment

Step One — Increase Employee Confidence
Do you want to re-motivate your staff daily or do you prefer a staff that is self motivated?
If you want a staff that is self motivated then do not put them down. Always use positive language to reenforce positive attitude.
Step Two — Empathy
 Having empathy towards people is a skill that requires practice. Anyone can be great at it. To be great you have to be a great listener. Do not listen only with your ears but with your eyes and body.
Paraphrasing what is being said makes a good listener. If you can convey the emotion that the other person is using you will be able to connect to the feeling.

Step Three — Solving Problems
Have a problem? Involve your employees. Employees are waiting for the opportunity to find and solve problems. The key point is that solutions work best when employees have a say in how solutions are implemented.
Smart managers understand solutions do not have to come from them. When the staff is involved they feel a sense of accomplishment.
Managers also know not to steal employee ideas and make them their own. They give credit where credit is due.
Team Building
It is important more than ever to create a positive environment for your team. Create positive energy between staff and allow them to freely discuss ideas.
When creating teams allow staff to pick their own teams. Your staff wants to work with the best employees and come up with the best solutions. They also want to have a small community where they can be the most successful without the interference of management.
If your company allow your employees to work in groups then help then set up a team goals, give them the tools they need and give the needed training to succeed.

Commitment From Management
Do you want to see your team succeed? Of course you do, so commit to creating an environment where positive things can happen.
Employees need management to offer direction, knowledge, resources and support. When these four factors are present employees will commit to the management team.
There are major benefits from increased profits, job satisfaction and positive employee feedback.
Increase Service Levels By Empower Employees
Customer satisfaction rises when frontline staff have the authority to think and act for themselves. If customers’ complain and can have their issues resolved sooner than later, they will more than likely do business with you again.
Many time managers and supervisors feel when there is a complaint, they should be the one to fix it. The more people involved in fixing the problem, the more frustration the customer experiences. This can cause the staff to look less than competent.
Developing A Reward System
All employees want to be rewarded for their performance. We crave to be noticed by our managers and peers. Rewards and recognition are more important today than ever, as employees continue to seek for meaningful reason to perform.
If you want to reward your staff for a good job, then ask them what they want. Not all of them want money. Some are hoping for recognition, time off, fun day, prizes, coffee and donuts and even just an extra long lunch hour.
As a manager I’m sure you have called an employees in to your office, and said thank you. This little act of appreciation can be enough. You should thank them in public, write them a personal note, buy them lunch, buy them movie tickets and even ask them what they want as a, “Thank you” for a job well done.
Other Rewards
Some companies have a plaque or trophies are given to top employee each month. This can motivate your staff. Just be careful to not give the trophy or plaque to the same person month after month. Set different standards for employees to meet and succeed.
Many managers bring coffee and donuts as a thank you.
Did you know you can also get staff involved when there are calendar holidays?
Make the environment a fun one for employees to come to. Most people will work hard if they feel they are not working.
Try to host a fun event over lunch, do a Hawaiian T-shirt day, jean Fridays, pizza day and even have employees pick the events they want to have.

Sales Awards
Since may companies have a sales department it is important to recognize the staff that keep the business end of the company operational. As a manager you can recognize sales staff monthly. You can have a reward system like mentioned above.
The happier you keep the staff the more they will perform. Keep in mind, do not just have a special events all the time.
I find the staff get to used to it and want to have it more and more and do not always keep up with performance or expectation levels.
Contests are a great way to get everyone in the company involved. It can help increase sale and customer service. Again, it is important to ask for employee feedback when thinking about what contest and the rewards to give out.
The key to a successful contest include setting SMART goals from everyone on the team. Have prizes employees want. During the contest, allow employees to see where they stand during the contest period.
Want your employee feedback to be great? Then get your employees involved and have them take responsibility for their actions. Make sure you reward them and give them all the tools they need to succeed in the job.
Help your employees help the customers. That’s what matters. Today customers know our product and service and they also know what the competition offers.
When you trust, you empower your employees to succeed. This is a major reason for your company’s success.
Take Action
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Leave a comment below and tell us what one tip you will use today to create a positive environment.
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