This Week’s Hustle — Maveen Kaura

This Week's Hustle - Maveen Kaura

Work, Hustle And Grind

Want to give you a quick review of what my week’s hustle has been like. It is the New Year, 2017. I feel little behind but I know I will be all caught up by the end of the weekend.
 The goal with the weekly updates is to let you know what I have been up to. It’s a great way for everyone to keep in touch with me. This is a great way for me to tell you what I am doing, each day of the week, to reach the goals I have set for 2017.
 The new week starts on Sunday and ends Thursday. I will post my previous weeks efforts every Friday. For fun, I will pick a different picture of myself as the header.
 Week 1 — January 2nd — 5th
 This week the list of what I did to work, hustle and grind is only four days. This is only because this is a new segment for Discover Your Life Today.
 I hope these updates create the structure I need to grow DYLT and, along with David Andrew Wiebe.
 January 2nd
 Take measurements of my shoulders, chest, arm, stomach, hips, thighs and calves. This is done so I can stay on my fitness goal.
 Since my wife was at home, we decided to have a relax day and watch some comedy central.
 Spend some time and moved our bonus room TV to the flex room where we set up our home gym.
 January 3rd
 Woke up and meditated for 10 minutes.
 Listened to episode 24 from the website.
 Wrote 2 articles for DYLT (Discover Your Life Today).
 Worked on my car, as I had batter issues.
 Listened to episode 5, 6 and 7 on iTune, Think Act Get.
 Read 7 articles and watched 1 video that I saved to my smartphone from Twitter.
 January 4th
 Completed a 20 minute guided meditation.
 Listened to episode 12 of (UYP).
 Wrote out my 2017 goals.
 Listened to episode 8, 9,10 and 11 on iTunes, Think Act Get.
 Pick up supplies for my wife’s Kombucha business RAW FIZZ.
 Listened to a, Britt World Wide, Amway CD in the car.
 Over lunch listened to Episode 104 on iTunes, Ram Dass, Here and Now.
 Updated 42 articles with a call to action on DYLT.
 Listen to, The Sales Evangelist Podcast, episode 478 and 479.
 Developed my Daily, Weekly and Monthly do do list.
 Read 2 articles and watched 1 video that I saved from Twitter.
 January 5th
 Wrote article for DYLT.
 Meditated for 20 minutes.
 Listened to ThinkActGet, episode 12, 13 and 14.
 Listened to the Rich Dad Radio Show. The Year of Trump.
 Did a 1 hour full body stretch.
 Listened to The Sales Evangelist, episode 477 and 480.
 Worked on resource page on (Check it out).
 Updated 42 affiliate links on DYLT
 Put together show notes for, podcast.
 The week was short but a new week has began. I have my list put together, checked it twice and will now work on only those items that take me towards the goals I would like to accomplish this year.
 With all the effort I have been putting towards growing the website my best 1 day visits was 30 people. This number will continue to grow as I learn how to market and drive traffic to the site.
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