Week 7 — Feeling The Pressure

Behind The 8 Ball and Feeling The Pressure

Do you ever feel like your working hard but not getting anywhere? That is how I felt this week.
Feeling the pressure of my self-imposed deadline to get as much done before the end of the month.
How did you perform this week? Did you see the results you were working towards?
Even when thing seem hard keep pushing towards a successful day.
Week 7: February 10th to February 16th
This week hustle has been about trying not to feel behind. In life things will keep coming up. Its how we deal with it that counts.
One of my biggest challenges this week was getting through my list as I complete each item and cross it off so I can develop the systems I need to for my business.
Meditate 7 days for a total of 21 to 23 minutes each day.
Went for a 1 walk — 6.4 km in 57 minutes. Reduced me by 5 mins.
Started the 6 week Slow-Diet Program outlined in the 4 Hour Body By: Tim Ferriss.

Listen to The Sales Evangelist Podcast,with Donald Kelly, episode 506–509. (Total 4 podcasts listened because it’s a great podcast for Sales Principles)
Read a total of 51 pages in 78 minutes from my book. To develop a continued reading habit.
On Audible listened to 1 Book: The Power of Intention By: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. (Listen to books on audio while I work)
On iTunes listen to 8 episodes of ProBlogger, with Darren Rowse (36–41, 43, 45). Learning how to build a successful blog.
Listen to episode 23 (Total 1 Podcasts) on UsingYourPower.com.
Listen to episode 521–522 of SuperfastBusiness.com hosted by James Schramko.
On iTunes listen to ThinkActGet by James Schramko and Ezra Firestone, episode 69–70.
Listened to TED Radio Talks: Getting Better and The Five Senses
Listened to 3 disk set by Jeffery Gitomer. Little Gold Book of Yes Attitude

Went to a marketing event hosted by BottomLine Marketing
Went to an event at University of Calgary where Pulitzer Prize winner, author/speaker, Michael Chabon spoke.
Wrote 1 new articles for DYLT (Discover Your Life Today).
Uploaded episode 23 to UsingYourPower.com, Youtube and iTunes.
Worked on UYP site with David Andrew Wiebe.
Recorded 1 new episode of UYP.
Complete highlights for episodes 23 on UYP.
Embed Youtube videos and photos to various blog posts.
Sent out Press Release to Promote 1 article on DYLT.
 “Effective Leaders Never Love Focus on These 12 Steps” shared on Facebook page of ADL Speaker Management, LLC.
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