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Welcome to the about me page.
 Thank you for visiting the website for the first time. My name is Maveen Kaura, and I am the creator of Discover Your Life Today.
 I am honoured to have you visit the website and hope to deliver you the best content that will help you achieve the levels of success you wish to.
 We focus on YOU! That is one of the most important people, so lets change your life, so you can become the person you have always dreamed of being. If you are looking for MOTIVATION, improving in your FAMILY life, ideas on being successful at WORK or BUSINESS, looking for ways to increase your FINANCES or want to know how to grow as you take your SPIRITUAL journey, you are at the right place, at the right time.
 I know before you make a commitment to come back to the website, on a daily basis, you need to know more about me and a reason of your own to have Discover Your Life Today, be apart of your life journey.
 A Little About Maveen Kaura
 Although I was born in Montreal, Canada in 1978, I have called Calgary, Canada my home since 1991. When my family moved to Calgary I had just finished elementary. Calgary, is where I went to Junior High, High School, College. This is where I grew up. This is where I had different opportunity to experience life and work.
 The Early Years
 Let me take you back a few years when I was growing up in Montreal. This is when and where I first learned about work ethic, hard work and owning your own full-time business. My parents along with my aunt and uncle owned their own businesses from the day they moved from India in the mid to late 70's.
 When I was the age of three, my sister and I started learning the family business. We would go to my parents clothing factory and watch my parents work. We would sit at the office and see how business was conducted. By the age of five, when clients came in, we would bring them a glass of water or coffee. This was our way of helping out and we would feel apart of the family business.
 Growing up in the business we faced two recessions. One in 1981 and another in around the 1989. The recession was hard for my parents and we lost the family business, factory and many retail outlets. They shut down the business they had poured over 13 years of their life into. In the middle of the recession my dad decided to pack up the family’s bags and headed to the land or opportunity. Oil and real estate country. This is where we have lived since 1991.
 My Career
 When I was 13, I got my first job as a paper boy. Soon, I was working for a big fast food chain. You might know then as the company who said — Think Outside the Bun. While finishing high school and wanting to pay for college I worked for a local grocery store. After college I started my career in banking and after six years, I decided to change careers and go into insurance. After another six years I decided to leave insurance and look at the real estate sector. Spending two years there, I decided I needed a change and sold cars for one year Then I decided to work for one of the larger communication providers in Western Canada and that lasted only 8 months.
 Why Discover Your Life Today Was Born…

Of all the jobs I have ever worked, one thing they all had in common was they were all about customer experience and the customer experience. I created an experience and made sure the customer would come back to do business with us again and again.

This was something I really enjoyed. I had to pay special attention and focus on their needs and not mine. While I was at my last insurance job, I decided to download an application that would let me listen to podcasts on my phone. I was not very familiar with podcasting; but had heard more and more about it. Funny things, I was initially looking for an application that would allow me to listen to music, while I was at my desk working away.

What I stumbled on changed the direction of my life. I was able to listen to information that would help me, and in turn I could use that information to help others. As I listened to different podcasts day in and day out, I thought to myself, “I can do what these guys are doing.” “I have always wanted to help others and this is the perfect platform for me to do it. I can learn and apply the information to my life and then help others LEARN, GROW and CHANGE, their own lives.”
 I spent the next months listening to as many podcasts as I could while I was working. Filling up note books by speakers and looking for ways to apply what I was learning to my life was my goal. At the same time, I was spending three hours a day — after I got all my work done — working on my business plan. Although, I started my business plan in 2012 it took me until 2015 to start and until 2016 to really have to time to build the business.
 The Push I Needed

In 2013, while working at the real estate job, I met a local entrepreneur by the name of David Andrew Wiebe. David told me he was a local podcaster, blogger and free-lance writer. He had may attention and I was intrigued to learn more.

This was something I was interested in for the last year. I believe God planned that moment so I could stop procrastinating and get started on the business plan which I had written out. The business is to help others and I believe the time is now to get started.

I soon met my new entrepreneur friend for a coffee and found a way we could benefit each other’s business pursuits. I would help him with his website and he would help me launch mine. We started to call our weekly meetings, “masterminds.”

As you can imagine running an online business is not easy and takes hard work, dedication and the understanding that the business will not grow on day one. It will grow over time if you put time, effort and dedication in to it. Day by day and the challenge of growing the business, while helping others succeed, keeps my fire burning strong.

My Personal Life


May 28, 2011, I got to marry the women who truly completes me. I met Lien Nublet, now Kaura, at a friend’s birthday party December 19, 2009. We hit it off and from the moment we said, “Hi”, for the second time that night.

By February 2010, we knew we wanted to start a life together and in May 2010 I met her mom. A few weeks later, Lien met my parents. On the second meeting my parents asked us when we were getting married. Gotta love the parents!

In hindsight, it made it easy for us to tell them as that is why we were at their home, in the first place. My parents had a reason to jump the gun and asked us first. When I was 16, I told my parents they would only ever meet one girl, and that’s the girl I would marry. Who knew they would remember my words all those years later?
 Where We Are Today
 Lien and I do not have kids at the present, although kids is something we would love to have in our lives. We completed stage three of our four-part plan, in September 2015. Stage three was to buy a house we can call home for years to come. Stage four of the plan is to start a family. Currently Lien works for a major telecommunication company in Calgary,Alberta.
 In her spare time she teaches people how to make Kombucha at home. She has completed her fitness certifications and when we do have kids, it will give her the ability to start a small gym in our home. This way we can be at home and raise our future kids together. This flexibility would allow her to take a few clients and start her own business.
 As for myself, I enjoy real estate and will most likely continue to learn how to earn an income in that space along side learning online business. Drop shipping, building my brand and writing are things I will continue to work on as I learn, how to create an ongoing residual income. Recently, David and I started a joint business website, called UsingYourPower.com.
 I look forward to the day I can help people improve their lives on a full-time basis. The way I envision myself doing it. I look forward to connecting to all the people who visit the website and hear about how your life had changes for the better.
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