Garce’s Trading Company

Grace’s Trading Company is a Modern-European restaurant that is owned by iron chef Jose Garces. It is located at 111 Locust Street in Philadelphia. Even though they have a rather small lunch menu, but you can definitely find something that you will enjoy. The price range is $8 to $15, depending on what you order. The prices are reasonable for the quality of the food that you receive.

The restaurant has a fancy, but casual feel to it. Between the row of olive oils and vinegars that you can try yourself and the in-restaurant wine store, Garce’s Trading Company definitely stands out among its competition.

Find out what we thought about Garce’s Trading Company below.

Spaniard Sandwich: Grilled Chicken, Romesco Aioli, Applewood Smoked Bacon, and Roma Tomatoes

T: Everything on Garce’s Trading Company menu looked delicious. I ended up ordering the Spaniard sandwich: grilled chicken, romesco aioli, applewood smoked bacon, and roma tomatoes. The sandwich came with a side of homemade potato chips. The romesco aioli was delicious and added great flavor to the overall sandwich. The applewood smoked bacon was crisp, which is exactly how I like my bacon. The sandwich altogether was delicious and filling. It was easy to tell that the potato chips were homemade because of their unique flavor and crunch. The homemade potato chips complimented the Spaniard sandwich extremely well. This is definitely a restaurant I would like to go back to.

Insalata Semplice

D: I have been dying to order from Garce’s! I’d never been but have only heard rave reviews, so I knew I’d probably like it. I’ve checked out the menu on numerous occasions and was always drawn to the sandwiches. However, because of a silly diet that I’m currently experimenting with, getting a sandwich was not an option. I opted for the Insalata Semplice: mixed greens, red onion, haricots verts, cherry tomatoes and champagne walnut vinaigrette. I asked for the salad without the onion, switched the dressing for oil and lemon, and was pleasantly suprised. Although the salad doesn’t look big, it was extremely filling. The steak was a hearty portion with a peppercorn crust that added a crunch to the salad, while the greens, tomatoes, and beens served as the side to the juicy steak. Overall I would definitely order this salad again, it filled me up and was delicious. But if a sandwich is an option next time I will definitely be trying one!

Croque Madame Sandwich: Prosciutto Cotto, Gruyere, Mornay, Fried Egg

H: I ordered the Croque Madame sandwich with french fries. While this sounds like a super fancy sandwich, it’s actually just a glorified grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top. While the sandwich was super greasy, it wasn’t over the top, meaning I didn’t feel the need to take a digestive nap afterwords. What really sold me on the meal was the fried egg; egg added to anything is a weak spot of mine. The egg was cooked perfectly, and was a nice complement to the sandwich. The fries, which are cooked in duck fat were also incredible, although I wish there were a few more (french fries are also a weak spot of mine!) Garces is a solid lunch spot, so I’m sure we’ll be back.

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