Little Nonna’s

Little Nonna’s is one of the many restaurants owned by Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran (they also own Barbuzzo, Lolita, Verde, Jamonera and a few others). Little Nonna’s is a cozy Italian restaurant that opened in September of 2013 and has the feel of your Grandma’s kitchen, warm and welcoming.

Located two block south of it’s sister restaurants in Midtown Village, Little Nonna’s offers an intimate indoor seating area for 40, as well as a backyard garden that seats another 40 guests in the warmer months.

Little Nonna’s offers a menu packed with classic Italian dishes that are made using ingredients from local farms, in addition to a large wine collection and delicious desserts.

Find our thoughts on Little Nonna’s below.

Meatball sandwich with rosemary fries

M: When Deepika asked for lunch suggestions I wasn’t really craving anything so I picked a few options from our old food blog that everyone seemed to enjoy. When she picked Little Nonna’s I knew I was going to order the Chicken Parm Sandwich, EXCEPT they took it off the menu! So then I was deciding between the panzanella salad and the meatball sandwich. I ended up choosing the meatball sandwich and I’m kind of disappointed. The roll was burnt, which was fine because I was going to eat it off the roll anyway. However, once the roll was removed, the meatballs seemed burnt too. They had a hard layer of burnt sauce around them that made me wish I was eating my Mom’s meatballs instead. My review is really negative today (sorry) but I didn’t like the rosemary fries either. They were cold and had the consistency of old McDonald’s fries. Little Nonna’s really needs to bring back the eggplant fries because those were delicious!

H: I was super pumped when I heard we were going to Little Nonna’s mainly because they have one of my favorite lunches; their meatball sandwich, which has two huge meatballs, delicious broccoli rabe, and cheese, all with a side of fries. Despite the meatballs and roll being slightly burnt, I still really enjoyed my meal which left me the perfect amount of full for the rest of the work day.

B+V+P Meatballs

D: I’d never been to Little Nonna’s but heard really great things about their food so when it was suggested as today’s lunch spot I immediately picked it. I ordered the Fall Panzanella salad (pictured below) and the B+V+P Meatball (pictured above)

Fall Panzanella Salad

Lets start with the salad; mozzarella di bufala, roasted carrots, squash, red onion, carrot top pesto, and pepitas. It wasn’t a bad salad, definitely tasted like fall and the carrot top pesto was really great. However, the pesto was only on the cheese, and the bottom of the container so I found myself having to dip my vegetables in it. This salad was also EXTREMELY small, especially considering the price was that of a regular full sized salad at most places. It was good but I definitely would not have been full off of the salad alone. I ordered the B+V+P meatball because I’ve heard people rave about them. They are beef, veal, and pork meatballs stuffed with cheese on top of polenta with red sauce (or gravy as the Italians call it). The meatballs were really good and were not burnt, thank goodness.

Overall, I liked Little Nonna’s, but I don’t think I’ll be going back right away. The food is pretty heavy, which makes sense because it’s Italian, and is making me very sleep at work!

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