Killer email subject lines

Email is the communication standard these days and the average professional receives at least a 100 messages a day. A killer email subject line is your only opportunity to stand out from the rest and get your email opened.

1) Short and Sweet

Utilising a maximum of 50 characters as the optimum. Email services will truncate long subject lines and these days most people use mobile phones to check their emails so the shorter the better so it will show up on their screens in full.

2) Give the reader a reason to open your email

Let me highlight this in an example “save £50 today with this offer” works better than “save money using this offer” as the user knows the benefit upfront and you have given them a reason to open your email.

3) Clear, concise, to the point and a deadline if necessary

Forget using flowery language which is what most people use. Be quick, clear, consice and to the point. For example, “big shoe sale 25% discount ends 3rd of June” works better than “Big shoe sale. Amazing offers”

4) Personalise

Imagine seeing your name in a sea of emails in one of the subject lines. I would open that, wouldn’t you?

5) Using numbers and questions

Just like when I blog, if your subject read “5 ways to increase your productivity by 50%”, this is a great subject and will tempt people to open it as they will be curious.

Another powerful technique is by asking your prospect a question in the subject line such as “do you know the marketing mistakes that startups make in the first year?” Or “Do you know the 5 quick fire ways to get more leads?”

6) Spammy keywords

In the war against spam, email filters have evolved quite a bit since the old days. Gone are the days where you could get great open rates with “30 DAY FREE TRIAL, ENDS AUGUST”. Nowadays, this is a one way ticket to the junk folder. Use free online email spam checkers to ensure that your emails will not trigger any filters and be careful of capitalisation.

7) Split testing

Using software such as mailchimp, you can test open rates of variants of different subject lines.

There you have it, 7 killer tips that you can use today to improve your open rates and that’s the best way to get your message across and get your foot in the door to who knows what? Endless possibilities

Thanks for reading, this is Maverick Alfie signing off, check out The Cold Caller for more cold calling tips