Adobado nga Pantat; photo from Merkado Seafood Restaurant

Personal Pick: Top 5 Mouthwatering Restaurants in Iloilo City, Philippines

Iloilo is one of the premiere travel destinations in the Philippines. The city is a fusion of history, culture and modern lifestyle. It houses century old churches and mansions as well modern facilities which include housing and commercial establishments. The city’s economy is booming making it one of the top cities to invest in the country. But among these number of likeable things, Iloilo is the best place to find mouthwatering dishes and palatable dishes and delicacies.

On one of my visits, I went around the city to look for the best restaurants serving delectable signature dishes. Here are my picks:

Summer House Restaurant

5 — Summer House Restaurant

Summer House Restaurant is located in Yulo-Iznart Street Iloilo CIty Proper. The famous restaurant started as a snack house known for maki, sandwiches and siomai. But with its growing popularity among customers, the restaurant became bigger with more food choices.

I suggest you try the pancit sun yat sen for 175 pesos. You may also order buttered chicken, suckling pig and live fish which the chefs can cook for you.

4 — Roberto’s

Roberto’s restaurant is located at JM Basa Street Iloilo City along the century old Calle Real. You can choose from a variety of noodle-based dish like pancit and bihon guisado to snacks including burgers and meatballs. The meatballs are to die for. They were as far my favorite in the Roberto’s menu.The meatballs cost more or less 20 pesos per stick.

But what Roberto’s is famous for is its Queen siopao which cost 70 pesos.

3 — Breakthrough

Breakthrough restaurant is another restaurant in Illoilo City that boasts their humble beginnings. Located at Sto Nino Norte Aevalo, the restaurant is one of the most popular dining spots in the Philippines’ City of Love.

Breakthrough dishes are mostly sumptuous Filipino dishes. The best for me is thier garlic buttered scallops which costs 195 pesos. Other popular dishes are ginataang binakol (chicken soup in coconut milk) and adobo sa alimusan (catfish adobo).

Tatoy’s also offer a bountiful of tasty seafood dishes

2 — Tatoy’s Manokan

Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafood is located at Sto Nino Sur Arevalo in Iloilo City. The restaurant by the beach started from a small nipa hut with three tables. The restaurant has now become a beachfront property that gives locals and tourists alike the best dining experience.

Tatoy’s is famous for its litson manok which cost 310 pesos. You can also enjoy other exquisite dishes including steame prawns, grilled squid, bake talaba, sisig and blue marlin.

Ziggy in Myfilipinokitchen Recipes

1 — Ted’s La Paz Batchoy

Batchoy is Iloilo’s signature dish and you can’t miss it when you visit Iloilo. This dish is a noodle soup with chopped liver, pork, intestines and the infamous chicharong bulaklak (cracklings seasoned with onion salks and fried garlic. The secret of this dish is in the broth. This dish is best eaten with pandesal or puto. I got a bowl of extra special batchoy for 80 pesos. And the best part about it us that you can always ask for more caldo (broth) — I had to refill my bowl for two times.

Ted’s La Paz batchoy claims to be the oldest batchoy restaurant in Iloilo. It has a lot of branches around the city but the first restaurant can still be found inside the La Paz public market up to now.

Food! Food! Food! These are just five of the many restaurants you can find in the city. And believe me;, once you have tasted these Ilonggo flavors, you’ll surely crave for more.

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