Beal Bank and Brad Weil Robbed Me

Beal Bank filed foreclosure against my property before the ink dried on the Final Distribution which awarded my home to me. No claims were filed against my mom’s estate. No deficiencies were found. I was awarded my home, free and clear.

Beal Bank filed an illegal foreclosure against me, MGC Mortgage or, as the are now called, MGC Bank ceased all communications with me even though they had my Letters and the Final Distribution.

The basis for perfection was listed as Deed of Trust, but they had none. No matter that I repeatedly told my BK attorney Brad Weil there was no Trust Deed, only a mortgage, he said they were one in the same instrument and I had to pay. Brad Weil does not listen well and he did not oerform his due diligence in my case. See my complaint to the Business Alliance:

Prior to confirmation of the BK a tree fell on my home. Because MGC Mortgage, Inc. was listed as the mortgage holder on my insurance, repair funds were sent to me with both our names on the check. Beal Bank took the repair funds, as well as my property tax refund to overpay themselves. Brad Weil allowed them to do this. Brad Weil thinks he should be paid for allowing me to be ripped off.

What do you think? Should Brad Weil get any more of my money, or should he be reported to the Bar Association for possible malfeasance and utterly unethical behavior?