I had to get to be 60 years old, but women are now allowed in combat. Damn, we are dense.

I went into the Army in 1974 and learned my aptitude qualified me to be trained through the Army Corps of Engineers. I was psyched. Who knew? I thought my love of heavy equipment, diesel engines, trains, and jinormous tow trucks was just another of my quirks. They trained me to purify water, make it safe to drink.

Before my training commenced, we trainees were told that the top two students in the course would receive a raise in pay and grade, and a commendation. I think they expected one of each sex (at the time) to complete at the top, but wouldn’t you know woman power prevailed?

Well, we were taken to the side, at the conclusion of the course and told we wouldn’t be getting the goodies, neither one of us, because it would be bad for the men’s morale. Besides, since water purification is a combat specialty, we wouldn’t be allowed to practice that for which taxpayer monies paid. What a colossal mismanagement of men and materiel.

So, I am so pleased that the ban on women in combat has finally been lifted.

Now, to get this volunteer military to lift the age restriction that limits the participation of fit, older hotties like myself!