Knitting is my bliss. I knit so I don’t bite my nails, which are a wretched mess for the last two years. Anxiety plagues me.

On a basket weave stitch kick because of the discovery of huggability. The fabric made with this stitch hugs you. I need hugs so I figure others do as well and reverted to my childhood habit of making afghans, small blankets, lapghans, coverlets, quilts. Once limited to crochet, my librarian taught me to knit in a couple of hours and I have been off and running since, about four years now.

Knitting uses less yarn than crochet, by a lot, almost three-to-one. Knitting is a money-saver and if nothing else, I am practical, so I am grateful to my librarian every day. She taught me a life-saving, grace-giving skill.

Practicing knitting and crochet is good for your health. Lowers blood pressure, sharpens mental acuity, reduces stress, and makes one a producer in a consumerist world.

Big bonus for me is the fact that knitting gives me another topic about which to write!