Redesign The Fork Mobile app in less than 5 minutes

Purpose of this article is to suggest a new user experience based on latest design principle. I have concentrated this proposal on the iOS app version, even tough same observation could be done for Android app, but different design principle would apply.

The underlying purpose is to boost one KPI : Retention

Why retention is key?

Retention could be monitored with session length and session interval metrics. It corresponds to the average time a user spends inside the app and the average time between two app sessions. The more the former is higher and the latter is lower, the better chance app download and conversion rate metrics will improve.

In average, 30% of all users only open an app once, simply due to crashes, usability problems or on-boarding issues. If you can’t make the user happy within the first 20 second, it is very likely he won’t return.

Concentrating efforts on a user-focus a strategy will undoubtedly have a positive impact on user’s retention.

Splash Screen

Here is one opportunity to give a great feeling at app launch, the Splash screen is the first interaction a user will have with the app. Main purposes are :

  • Indicate app has started
  • Load some ressource in the background

This is for the functional part, but it can serve as well to make a good-looking first impression !!

Spalsh screen “wahoo effect” animation


If you’ve missed the first part, here is a second chance to please your audience. The on-boarding is dedicated to new user, common goal is to depict main app benefits, features and/or functionalities; in case a user is in a hurry, a skip button must be visible as well.

In La Fourchette context, the on-boarding experience induce the benefits of the app, however it can go a step further by showing meaningful picture to engage emotionally users. Here is some examples on what could be experiment !!

Onboarding proposal in 3 steps


This is the biggest part, challenge is how to preserve current app features, improve general usability and align with correct design principle. From my view, the current user experience can be more convenient and friendly by applying common UX rules.

Heat map

Thumb zone heat map can help understand which zones are the most easily reachable on a device screen.

La Fourchette thumb heat map iPhone 6

We see that UI buttons are not easily accessible for a regular size thumb. Moreover, the use of hamburger button is questionnable, it has been largely criticized as being less effective than UI caption (source here, here and here)

From these observations, it is possible to implement a more accessible navigation experience that emphasise key feature of the app.

Bottom navigation bar

I came out with four main features : Search, Top list, Booking and Account, embedded inside a bottom navigation bar, it enables users to see at first sight, which action is available to them.

Search : Let you search restaurant, city and nearby. Filter option let you set your booking criteria and map button let you visualize all restaurant on a plan

Top List : Let you visualize all restaurant list depending on several categories : type of restaurant/food (indian, Italian, French, brunch, terrace, unique place…etc), and city/area. A filter enable to narrow down choices, based on 3 criteria : Top rated, Most booked and Best deals

Booking : Let you modify or cancel your reservation, share it and add it to your calendar as an event. As well, past reservation can be reviewed

Account : Let you sign in with your profile, edit your information, search your favorite list and picture, access settings and Yums point

User flow chart

With four features clearly disclose, it is now possible to draw a flow chart. It represents the user journey, the less line you have, the more simple the app is. It has been designed to grow conversion rate, all feature lead to a booking opportunity.

User flow chart


Based on this flow chart, it was easier to conceive a mockup design to put in perspective the new navigation principle. Here is a preview screen by screen, of main page, 11 in total.

La Fourchette redesign mockup proposal


This proposal is not exhaustive, other legitimate UX scenarios could be drawn from in-app metrics analysis and user testimony. However, the goal was to put in light a pragmatic guideline for improvement and bring awareness on how usability can increase major KPIs. The fundamental truth is no mobile app will be ever perfect for everyone, it’s just about constantly making it better.