Agile for Government: An Advanced Project Management Tool

Many government agencies are now adopting and using agile software. But acquiring and implementing this new methodology in place of traditional methodologies involves multiple challenges at various levels. First and apparent challenge faced by government agencies is the strict requirements, budget, and scope specified at the outset. Second challenge faced by government agencies when going agile is the slowness in bureaucratic decision-making.

Gains of Agile Model

  1. Customer satisfaction by quick and continuous delivery of useful software
  2. It emphasise on people and interactions rather than on process and tools
  3. Working software is delivered frequently
  4. Real time solution to problems
  5. Easy adaptation to changing circumstances
  6. Even late changes in requirement s can be adopted

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Making Government more Agile

Agile for government can be beneficial if you pick specific principles and practices that are beneficial for both private and public sectors. Here are some tips for how agile in government can be an efficient tool.

  1. Consider communication your priority
  2. Get the right people on project
  3. Keep re-evaluating the performance and aim for ‘big picture’
  4. Learn from success of other agile government projects

Agile development model is a type of incremental model that results in development at regular interval rather than going for once for all approach. Each increment is thoroughly evaluated and tested to ensure that the software quality is maintained. Agile is beneficial for time critical applications.

Finding a Right Agile Training Provider

There are numerous agile training providers available both online and offline. But choosing online agile for government training program can save you both time as well as money. Online training program gives you flexibility to take up classes whenever you have time without having to compromise your present work. Make sure you read testimonials posted online, before signing in for any type of classes with any type of provider. Hence, in order to conclude we can say that agile for government can be beneficial if taken forward in a right direction.

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