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MaxData’s online competition pits countries against each other in the race for consumer savings on

Simplify your life and enjoy the best deals

MaxData wants to help you as a consumer to get ownership of your data and to get you the best deals for the best price. It couldn’t be easier for you, just vote for your country and let us know what service sectors you are interested in seeing the company start helping you. The countries with the highest demand will get access to their platform first, helping their citizens earn money from their data and reduce their cost of living. So don’t wait and

vote for your country today!

Pave the way for the service economy of the future

The excitement of the online community and the hype surrounding the MaxFactor competition should not surprise anyone following the company. …


MaxData: Discover the new service economy

MaxData provides companies with a platform to save billions of dollars on marketing, thus greatly reducing consumers’ cost of living. Read more:

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