British-Dutch serial entrepreneur and global crypto pioneer on board with the blockchain startup

The star-studded line-up sitting atop the MaxData advisory board have added to their forum one of the world’s foremost Crypto advisors with expertise in e-commerce, mobile marketing, blockchain technology — Benjamin Theobald.

A serial entrepreneur, Theobald started his first company in 2003 at the early age of 23. He has since set up companies spanning several continents, including Europe, Asia and Latin America. Since then, he has garnered a reputation as a specialist in online marketing, which has helped him catapult his career as a global marketing consultant. In recent years, Theobald has set his sights on the crypto world, immersing himself in cutting edge projects setting the pace for the industry.

“When I spoke to Assi I was immediately drawn to the MaxData vision,” Theobald recounted, “Whereas many ICOs offer little real impact on consumers, MaxData is reimagining the service market on a global level in a way that can bring real improvements to the lives of people around the world”.

“The ‘Theobald-effect’ was felt immediately,” explained Assi Zichlinski, CEO of MaxData, with a grin, “He has so much experience and so much knowledge to share. From the moment we began talking to him he has been providing us with valuable advice we are using to take our platform to the global level”.

About MaxData: MaxData utilizes blockchain technology to reinvent the global service economy to bring tangible benefits to the masses. Their platform facilitates the direct connection between consumers and businesses, transforming the way people buy their services. The company’s vision is to give ownership and profits on personal data back to consumers, reducing consumers’ cost of living while giving unprecedented value to companies making them more efficient and reducing their marketing costs. was founded by Assi Zichlinski, the CEO, an esteemed figure in the Israeli hi-tech scene — with years of experience in the financial and technological worlds. In recent years, he has melded his knowledge in both these spheres to come to the fore of the cryptocurrency scene.

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