Can using gender quotas give you a more skilled workforce?

Lets use this article as a basis of discussion. If you start with the assumption that men and women have an equal distribution of skill among them (i.e top 20% of men are as good as the top 20% of women), this makes sense. (This logic would apply for people of color too but I’ll use women for this example.) If your workforce is 70% men and 30% women, then 20% of your workforce is less skilled than it would be if your workforce was 50/50. As the article suggests, quotas would force you to weed out the 20% that are mediocre men who are probably just better at talking themselves up (because society is better at training men to brag about skill) and look harder for the more highly skilled yet more modest women. Then your workforce would be more skilled overall. The one consideration is the shear number of women in the field. I’ve worked in education where there are lots of women and in tech where there are lots of men. So maybe a 50/50 quota might not be immediately possible in either field but something approaching that would give you a more skilled workforce. So all considering, maybe the only reason to be against quotas (or at least more intentional recruitment & consideration of white women and people of color) is if you are a mediocre man?