Camp Soaring Eagle — Supporting Veteran Families in Outdoor Adventures

With an entrepreneurial career spanning more than three decades, Max F. James is an Air Force Academy graduate who served in Vietnam. Max F. James guides Camp Soaring Eagle in northern Arizona, which provides seriously ill youth 6–15 years old the opportunity to make long-lasting friends and take part in confidence-building outdoor activities.

Max James’s camp also maintains a commitment to the families of US military members and holds Veterans’ Children Weekends. This program honors Arizona-based armed forces personnel and the family members they leave behind as they serve their country. Through activities that range from archery to horseback riding, children reconnect with the outdoors and mitigate the stress involved in moving often and living with a parent’s often multiple combat deployments.

One of the key pathways of support for military families involves a partnership between Camp Soaring Eagle and Tee It Up for the Troops. In November 2015, the latter nonprofit announced a $7,500 grant to the camp to help fund a portion of its Veteran’s Camp expenses. This represents the second consecutive year that this partnership has helped to meet the needs of military families statewide.

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