Announcing The Pioneer’s Vault

Investments into promising Lisk sidechains

To further stimulate Lisk’s ecosystem growth, I have created The Pioneer’s Vault. The Pioneer’s Vault consists of my personal LSK assets, which are reserved for investments in promising Lisk sidechain projects. I’m pleased to announce that I will personally pledge 1,700,000 LSK to this initiative.

As the Lisk platform continues to see progress throughout this year, we are coming close to a point where entrepreneurs will want to leverage the future Lisk SDK in order to build groundbreaking sidechains. They need to plan ahead — and will likely require funding.

The Pioneer’s Vault — Funding for Entrepreneurs and Developers

I envision a future where the Lisk platform has hundreds of sidechains running on it; a platform which will enable thousands of ICOs to be conducted. I see a connected and self-supporting ecosystem, in which each sidechain is contributing and greatly adding to the benefits of the Lisk platform.

In order to make this future a reality, we will need high-quality sidechains to be developed on the Lisk platform from early on. The highest quality will be achieved by attracting the best talent from around the globe. I want to support their creative and innovative ideas; Lisk will be the vehicle to help bring these ideas to life. Sufficient funding is integral — and this is why I’ve created The Pioneer’s Vault.


Which projects will be supported?

I will solely support projects which intend to conduct an ICO or already have an ICO running on Lisk. I do not believe in company shares and am only strictly focused on Lisk projects. I have an internal investment guide in place. However, it is not available to the public.

How much investment can a project expect to receive?

The value of investment is figured on a case-to-case basis. It is also dependent on the LSK/EUR price at the time. Investments can be valued anywhere from 5,000 EUR to 500,000 EUR. Investments are not limited to one-time only. For example, a project that receives a pre-ICO investment could potentially receive additional investments during an ICO. However, there will be no investments once an ICO is completed.

How can I apply?

As soon as this initiative has launched, anyone is eligible to apply. Send an email to with information about your project.


Investments are not accompanied with advisory

The Pioneer’s Vault distributes investments. Do not view investments as an opportunity to receive advisory. However, I will not discount the possibility for advisory on a project, although I expect this to rarely be the case.

Investments do not equal endorsement

The Pioneer’s Vault is not responsible for a given project’s success nor its board decisions. An investment in a project does not mean I endorse the project; it only means that I’ve performed the best possible due diligence and that the project appears to be beneficial for Lisk.

Do your own due diligence

The Pioneer’s Vault does not provide investment advice and should not serve as an indicator for whether or not anyone else should invest in the project. Do your own due diligence for every single project.

Limited investment details will be disclosed

Every single investment will occur on its own unique terms. Following investment, I will provide invested amount, reasons why I invested as well as information about the project.

Completely private holdings

The Pioneer’s Vault will only contain my personal investments — there will be no investments from outside parties. The Pioneer’s Vault should not be mistaken for a pooled fund vehicle or other collective investment schemes.

Endowments are at my own discretion

I will base my endowments at my own personal discretion. No one has the right to make claims against me or the Lisk Foundation arising out of this commitment.

Best regards,

Max Kordek

Co-Founder, President @LiskHQ. Co-Founder, Director @lightcurveHQ. Blockchain Adviser and Enthusiast.

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