Being a Blockchain adviser

Building a Blockchain application platform to create opportunities within the industry is one way to help the technology moving forward, another one is to advise key players in the market and helping them to achieve their true potential. At the end of the day, the platform is just a tool while the protocols/applications built on top bring the true innovations to this world. That’s why I advised and supported many very successful Blockchain startups anonymously in the past, all raised millions in their ICOs. However, starting now I’m making a public effort to support and help entrepreneurs building Blockchain applications. This happens entirely in my free-time and outside of Lisk’s or Lightcurve’s extended business hours.

Disclaimer: As an adviser I’m not responsible for the team’s decisions or behaviour. I’m only giving advice to the best of my knowledge, experience and feelings. Not all of my advice is always being utilized, which is a good thing. Teams should learn to stand on their own feet. Furthermore, me being an adviser in a project is not a recommendation to invest.

Very important: Even though I’m doing my own due diligence and would never advise a team without meeting part of the team once, I might be wrong sometimes. Please do not invest in a startup only because I advise them, do your own due diligence!

Best regards,

Max Kordek